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    Video: Self-slapping wipers could take the sting from snowy mornings

    Let's file this one away in the category of "Why didn't I think of that?" A Detroit company called has built a set of wiper arms that will smack themselves agains the windshield, shaking ice and snow loose. It's a product of a company called Motor City Wiper. These systems aren't for sale yet, ...

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    Report: Automakers to use scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass in the very near future

    Today's automotive windshields are commonly made with two layers of tempered glass sandwiching a sheet of optically clear polyvinyl butyral (PVB), a plastic layer that holds everything in place even when the glass is broken. While the basic design works very well (credit Henry Ford with ...

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    Video: Autoglass envisions the windshield of 2020

    We don't spend much time thinking about our windshields, yet we spend a good portion of our lives looking right through them. But that doesn't mean there isn't plenty of room for improvement. The folks at Autoglass envision a smart windshield that does away with a nav screen on the center stack ...

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    Video: Why you should never follow other cars too closely

    Flying road debris is a scary enough prospect when you're paying attention to the road and not filming the truck driving along beside you with a cameraphone. While we don't think the driver could have reacted quickly enough to avoid the flying road debris at that distance if he weren't busy ...

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    Volkswagen testing ice- and fog-free windshield technology

    Volkswagen is out to give us all a little taste of better living through chemistry. The company has partnered up with the minds at the Fraunhofer Institute to develop a windshield that's resistant to fog, frost and ice. The scientists managed to apply a thin layer of indium tin oxide to the outer ...

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    Report: Water as windshield wiper fluid causes 20% of Legionnaires' Disease cases in UK

    If you use standard tap water in your windshield washer fluid reservoir instead of a cleaner, you may have effectively turned your vehicle into a biological weapon. Sure, that sounds cool and all, but according to BBC News, the only person you're going to be hurting is yourself. As it turns out, ...

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    Microheat files for bankruptcy after GM recall

    Microheat Inc., the company responsible for inventing and supplying General Motors with their HotSpot windshield cleaning system, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The technology utilized heated liquid to clean the front glass of debris, ice, and snow. Unfortunately, a short circuit ...

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    Federal lawsuit claims GM should recall 7.5 million vehicles over faulty wipers

    A new lawsuit filed in federal court is claiming that General Motors created some 7.5 million trucks, vans, and SUVs with defective wipers. The legal action comes after the automaker recalled 1.7 million vehicles in 2003 to replace wiper circuit boards and motor mechanism covers-- that action ...


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