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    Report: gets his unplated "Delorean" impounded

    Police in Los Angeles have impounded rapper's custom car. The recording artist was reportedly driving the gullwing coupe around the city with no license plate. When officers stopped the Black Eyed Peas frontman and checked the registration, they found an issue and sent the car to ...

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    Video: starting own car company in Los Angeles

    If the guy who invented Paypal can start his own car company, than why can't the lead singer of the Black Eyed Peas? The one and only has decided to throw his hat into the carmaking ring with a new company that he is calling IAMAUTO. So far, we have only one photo of the coupe (above), ...

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    A Vision in Red: Ferrari binoculars from William Optics

    You've just dropped several hundred on a pair of tickets to a grand prix, and hundreds more on flights, a hotel room and team paraphernalia. You're not about to watch the race through any ordinary binoculars, are you? William Optics (no relation to Williams F1) is betting that you wouldn't, and ...


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