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    Frankfurt Preview: 507-hp Wiesmann MF5 Roadster

    Weismann MF5 Roadster - Click above for high-res image
    Wiesmann's made an all-out drop-top assault in 2009, beginning with the 367-hp V8-powered MF4 Roadster unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March. As reported earlier, the retrotastic automaker hailing from Dulmen, Germany is bringing another ...

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    Wiesmann will build a car live at the Frankfurt Motor Show

    Wiesmann MF4 Roadster - Click above for high-res image gallery
    No, really. Well, more like during some of the Wiesmann engineers will put the finishing touches on a GT MF4 during the Frankfurt Motor Show introduction of the brand's new BMW V10-powered GT MF5 Roadster. But still, that's different. ...

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    Wiesmann to unveil limited production MF5 Roadster in Frankfurt

    Wiesmann MF4 Roadster – Click above for high-res image gallery
    With the international auto show rolling in to Frankfurt only once every other year, you can bet that Germany's automakers will be there in full force to show off their latest wares. And in between the new Porsches and BMWs, ...

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    Safety First: Wiesmann MF5 sets the pace for FIA GT Championship

    Wiesmann MF5 FIA GT Safety Car – Click above to view in high resolution
    The 2009 FIA GT Championship kicked off this weekend at England's stoic Silverstone circuit, and with it a number of new racing machines – including competition versions of the Nissan GT-R, Audi R8 and Ford GT ...

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    Geneva 2009: Wiesmann Roadster MF4 is so black it casts no shadow

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Wiesmann MF4 Roadster
    Since its inception back in 1985, Wiesmann has been busy building beautiful retro-themed coupes and convertibles, and to celebrate its 20th anniversary (of what, exactly, we're not sure) the automaker has just released its MF4 ...

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    Geneva Preview: Wiesmann MF4 convertible teased

    Wiesmann is celebrating it's 20th anniversary this year and to commemorate two decades of oddly attractive, highly desirable retro-mobiles, the automaker will roll out several special edition models during 2009. The first 20th Anniversary Model from Weismann is the MF4-S GT, and the follow-up model ...

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    The Conga Line Forms Here: Wiesmann celebrates with special edition MF4-S

    Automakers don't celebrate birthdays like the rest of us. While we might blow out some candles and down a few beers with our friends, carmakers occasionally make special editions of their best offerings. And when it's a niche automaker like Wiesmann, you know you're going to want one.Founded in ...

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    Wiesmann set to introduce MF4 and MF5 Roadsters in Geneva next year

    Wiesmann, the German manufacturers of the love-em-or-hate-em GT and Roadster, has plans to add V8 and V10 versions of its drop-top model that will be introduced at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. The current Roadster lineup includes only the MF3, which is powered by BMW's 3.2-liter flat-six found in ...

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    Car Porn: tackles the Wiesmann GT

    Click above to view more high-res glamor shots of the Weismann has released its latest mini feature film and the leading role is played by a relative unknown. You've seen Wiesmann pop up on Autoblog from time to time, most recently in Frankfurt when we caught the unveiling of ...

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    Frankfurt 2007: The camera shy Wiesmann GT MF 5

    Click the image above for more shots of the Wiesmann GT MF5.While we never did see the official premier of the Wiesmann GT MF5, we were able to catch a sneak peak of the V10-powered blue beastie during an exclusive party held in the bespoke coupe's honor. Finally, Wiesmann was kind enough to ...

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    Frankfurt 2007: Fogging up the windows at the Wiesmann GT MF5 preview

    Click the image above more for shots. var digg_url = ''; After entirely too much traveling in one 24-hour period, the auto-Gods shined a light upon our hotel, conveniently located a scant two blocks ...

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    Wiesmann GT with BMW V10 power confirmed for Frankfurt

    According to a variety of reports circulating the web, it's been confirmed by Weismann that a V10-version of its retrotastic coupe will be making its official debut in Frankfurt next month. Based off the company's current coupe, the GT MF 5 will be sporting a BMW-sourced 507 HP V10, the same found ...

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    Wiesmann considering the blitz: GT might get BMW 510 hp V10

    The Wiesmann GT is about to get a mad, bad engine to match its mad, bad looks. Available since inception with BMW's 362 HP V8 that gets it to the six-oh in 4.6, the niche maker from Muenster is said to be considering a variant that hides the M-edition five-liter V10. If Wiesmann didn't alter the ...


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