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who is the stig

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    Top Gear producer on Stig book: "He's ours"

    Who is the Stig? That question is consistently one of Google's top queries, proving the world wants to know the identity of Top Gear's masked racing driver. But... ask yourself again, Do you really want to know who the Stig is? As pointed out by Top Gear producer Andy Wilman, part of the reason ...

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    Identity of the Stig revealed... again [spoiler alert, maybe]

    Is everything made by Aston Martin better than everything made by Ferrari? Is the Porsche 911 really nothing more than a glorified Volkswagen? Is a three-wheeled Reliant Robin the best possible choice as a replacement for the out-of-service space shuttle? And, finally, Who is the Stig? These are ...

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    Top Gear's the Stig identified... as a sensible married man?

    The Stig's identity is one of those great mysteries that would lose all of its inherent intrigue if it were to be revealed. Regardless, here we are with another story that hints at the secret identity of the man behind the mask. Thankfully, though, the source of the leak was reportedly within the ...

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    "Who is the Stig?" ranks in Top 10 searches on
    1228490940 is used by millions of people every month, and the top questions range from "Am I pregnant?" to "How much is my car worth?" While those questions seem very generic and obvious, one query takes on an entirely Top Gear feel. No, the question isn't "How can I stop Top Gear USA from ...

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    The man behind the mask: Top Gear's Stig stares back

    var digg_url = ''; One of the greatest wonders of the modern world is how Top Gear has managed to keep the identity of its tame racing driver, the Stig, secret all this time. The biggest clue yet to his identity surfaced yesterday ...


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