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    Titan Tire ships world's first 63-inch tire

    Remember in the first Crocodile Dundee movie when he gets mugged in New York City and Sue says "He's got a knife," and Dundee says, "That's not a knife, this is a knife," and then he pulls out a beast-killing monstrosity of a blade? Well, that's what the folks at Titan Tire are saying right now ...

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    Arden Jaguar XF AJ 21 one custom kitty

    Arden, the German tuning firm that's been tweaking Jaguars for decades, is teasing us with this concept shot of its new Jaguar XF AJ 21. We just drove the 2009 Jaguar XF and felt the sheetmetal was lacking some excitement. In a good manner, it appears that Adren has addressed some of our concerns ...

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    SEMA Wheels: If 30 is the new 20, then 40 is the new 30

    Where 20-inch rims seemed gigantic just a couple of years ago, the massive surge in 22s, 24s, 26s and the like mean 30s are becoming commonplace. No self-respecting donk would be caught rollin' on anything less than 30s these days, and last week at SEMA we even saw 32s, 34s and a pair of 42s (!) ...

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    SEMA Wheels: Five Axis introduces Five:AD wheel lineup

    Wheels are like shoes for your car (deep, huh?), as they come in a wide variety of colors and styles, plus they are easy to change dependent on your tastes and budget. Unfortunately not every wheel company seems to produce original designs and even if they do it doesn't mean they're pretty. That is ...

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    SEMA Wheels: That's one heck of a fat lip

    That's an 11-inch lip on these wheels! These rims from Royalty Luxury Alloys are called the Masterpiece and according to the signage, they feature the world's first 11-inch lip. The look is a bit deceiving, because the spokes are set in the middle, but bow far back into the rim to create the ...

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    SEMA Wheels: Clear has staying power

    Click for a mini gallery of some of this year's clear rimsLast year "clear" was very in at SEMA: Clear wheels, clear hoods, clear heels, even clear engine blocks. This year a few wheel companies are keeping the trend alive with more on the clear front. While there was a set of massive ...

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    SEMA 2007 VIDEO: The next wheel frontier

    click above image to view a VIDEO of the LED Wheels in actionMost wheel fads have a shelf life shorter than a pop star's stay at Betty Ford. Spinners have become passé and the new biggie-sized wheels can't claim to be "dubs" anymore once they've eclipsed the 30-inch mark. Enter LED Wheels, a ...

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    SEMA Wheels: Rolling on George Washington rims

    Click for larger version and a couple more pics of these Washingtonian rimsNext up in our whacky wheels from SEMA category are these spinners with a fun twist. Behind the blades the artist has painted the father of our country, President George Washington. And they are HUGE to boot. These ...

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    SEMA Wheels: How very Vegas - the roulette wheel

    Click for a couple of larger images of this fun roulette wheel from Las Vegas var digg_url = ''; This one is pure Vegas. A roulette wheel seems so obvious we wonder why nobody has tried it before now. ...

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    Pretty Colors: Bugatti offers new rims n' trims for Veyron

    Let's admit it: playing around with the customizing tools for cars you never intend to buy is fun. Although the Veyron's is one of the nicer ones we've tinkered around with, the lack of choices gets boring pretty quick, two-tone paint schemes notwithstanding. Fortunately the good folks at Bugatti ...

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    What does Henrik Fisker roll on?

    Too many trips to SEMA have left us immune to the shiny detritus that populates the pages of some of our favorite mags, but when Henrik Fisker, the man who penned the BMW Z8 and the Aston Martin DB9, gets into the wheel business, we take notice.Beyond his newest coachbuilding projects, Fisker has ...

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    BBS releases LM-R for BMW, Porsche, Lexus

    BBS have been a staple in the world of motorsport for decades and the wheel of choice for many looking to add an aesthetic and performance upgrade to their high-end whips. The design is iconic and easily identifiable, and with the release of their newest LM-R wheel, not much has changed – ...

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    New York State moves to ban spinner wheels

    Just as spinner wheels start to come off customized cars, the New York State Senate Transportation Committee has decided that it is time to ban them. It's difficult to understand why the bill is gaining traction with no known associated risks to drivers. It's not like cars are slamming into one ...

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    BBS goes bust?

    Although our German is a bit sketchy, a quick decoding of an article in Auto Motor Und Sport reveals that the wheel manufacturer BBS is in some dire economic straits.The maker of the iconic (and patented) 16-spoke rim has filed for bankruptcy after one of their suppliers bailed, while aluminum ...

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    Holden VE Commodore wins Australian Wheels' COTY award

    UPDATE: Added mega-gallery of 131 high-res Holden Commodore images since we in the U.S. don't often get to gaze at these vehicles. click above image to view 131 high-res images of every kind of CommodoreFor those of you eagerly anticipating the U.S. arrival of Holden's rear-wheel drive Zeta ...

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    SEMA: 34 inches of wheel wonderment

    Every year at SEMA I look for the largest wheel I can find, and every year the diameters get a little larger. This year I found a 34-inch Lexani rim in the Asanti booth. It's so big that any vehicle shod with a set will be resigned to forever travelling in a straight line.These giant wheels are so ...

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    Carbon fiber wheels coming to a tuner near you

    The next logical progression in removing unsprung weight will finally be made available to U.S. enthusiasts. Rennworx Ltd., a company that imports a variety of top dollar rims and parts, has agreed to bring Dymag's full lineup of custom carbon fiber rollers. Their products have found their way into ...

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    Project Kahn offers a Facelift for the Audi A8

    If the Audi A8's stock wheels do nothing for you, or if the ride height as delivered from the factory still makes you think of a pickup truck, Project Khan has the fix. The British/Italian tuner starts with its 21" RS-X wheels (9.5" wide in the front and 11" out back), and then fits the vehicle ...

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    Scion FUSE teaser pic from ScionLife

    A picture of the Scion FUSE that’s supposed to ignite next week's NY auto show has been leaked a little early on a forum post over at ScionLife. We learned a while back that the FUSE would feature a topped chop and a short snout, the latter of which we can clearly view in this picture along ...


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