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    Video: Your next car could feature Softwheels

    Can you imagine how uncomfortable it would be to drive a car without a suspension? Now, think about being stuck like that everyday. That is the situation for many people in wheelchairs. A company from Israel has come up with an ingenious solution that goes on sale later this year, though. The ...

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    Time Capsule: Fiat 500 set for UK launch on the London Eye

    The Fiat 500 is selling like hotcakes everywhere it's hit the market, but Fiat isn't about to sit back and let the product speak for itself. "Committed to making the country smile for the night", Fiat's British subsidiary is planning to debut the retro-mini in a capsule on the London Eye, the ...

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    Graphics accelerator: Nvidia's custom computer housed in a Porsche Cayenne wheel

    click above image for more pics Automotive-branded computers are nothing new, but this takes it to new levels. The computer hardware is housed in a chromed 18-inch wheel from the Porsche Cayenne sport-utility, wrapped in Bridgestone rubber with twin exhaust-silencers housing the liquid cooling ...

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    Upcoming Alfas going rear-drive

    For years, the only Italian automobiles available in the United States have been exotic sportscars. Alfa Romeo is banking on that perception for its return to the American market with a range of cars that don't cost exotic, but look exotic. That much is further evidenced by the 8C Competizione, ...

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    Virtual Wheel-ality: Porsche 911 Turbo S game controller

    In a perfect world, everyone who wanted a car like the Porsche 911 Turbo S would get one. In the real world, sadly, not everyone can afford the six-figure price of admission. Fortunately there's virtual reality in between, where enthusiasts can toy with cars like the Turbo S in video games. To ...

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    Infiniti G37 coupe to get AWD

    Official word has yet to come down from on high, but it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that the Infiniti G37 will eventually get AWD hardware. Potential buyers are asking dealers, who are in turn asking Infiniti about channeling the VQ's urge through all four wheels. The M45 and G35S will both ...

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    Merc R-Class may come in RWD flavors

    Perhaps more R Classes will roll off dealer lots if only the rear wheels push the car, instead of all four. Auto Telegraaf reports that Mercedes will soon build the base R Class with RWD as standard, and will lower the price in a bid to change the SUV's fortunes. As everyone is aware, the 4-matic ...

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    SPY SHOTS - Hyundai Equus replacement sheds more camo

    Hyundai's working on a rear-wheel-drive successor to its home-market Equus luxury sedan. The car's expected to debut at the New York Auto Show in April, and these most recent spy shots show it with less camouflage than we've seen it wearing in the past. You can't see the front end, but you get a ...

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    Reports: Get your MINI with AWD by 2008

    Following earlier rumors of an off-roading MINI Colorado, reports are surfacing that parent company BMW is preparing to offer all-wheel-drive on the full MINI range by 2008. The rumors stem from this week's edition of the German weekly Auto Motor und Sport, which stated that the upcoming ...

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    Mercedes 4Matic continues to gain traction

    Click on the image above to get to our gallery of 18 hi-rez images. Its rivals at Audi might have blazed the proverbial trail for all-wheel-drive in luxury sedans, but Mercedes-Benz isn't far behind down the dirt road. Mercedes' own 4Matic AWD system is more popular in the United States than ...

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    Montreal Auto Show: 2007 T-Rex bears its teeth

    Click on the image above to see our 24-image high-resolution gallery The Quebec-built T-Rex has been on the market since 1996, and at the recent Montreal auto show the wraps were taken off the newly-revised model. For 2007, the T-Rex ditches the old carbureted 1200cc, 152-hp engine for a bigger, ...

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    The bigger they are, the harder they fall: H2 knuckles under

    For thousands of different reasons, millions of people have purchased SUVs in the past several years. The high seating position gives a commanding view of the road and a sense of invincibility. The high ground clearance and off-road tires let you know they can handle just about anything thrown ...

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    How not to drift, Vol. II

    Previously, we learned that it's a bad idea to drift in areas populated with curbs. In this installment of Autoblog's Please Don't Act Like a Dufus lessons, the class will learn that other real-world obstructions can also cause significant damage. In this particular case, the unfortunate driver of ...


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