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    Mid America Motorworks celebrates two American icons at 18th annual Corvette Funfest

    Corvette savant Mike Yager is prepping his Effingham, Illinois-based Mid America Motorworks for a celebration of an American icon. On September 15, the doors to the 18th annual Corvette Funfest will open, and thousands of cars and people will descend upon the grassy destination. This is an ...

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    Official: Oscar Mayer takes on food truck craze with new Wienermobile

    Food trucks are everywhere right now. We're not talking about the metal boxes that slog from business to business hawking puddles of grease, but rather the burgeoning genre of mobile kitchens stocked with culinary treats. From Kogi to Baconmania and the OC Food Truck, many are packing up ...

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    Hawaiians want Wienermobile off their rock

    What's a giant wheeled hot dog have to do to get some respect? It seems Hawaii's issue isn't so much automotive renditions of meat products, but a recent visit by Oscar Mayer's Weinermobile has caused a flap. Honolulu's mayor welcomed the rolling frank, even honoring it with "Oscar Mayer Wiener ...

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    Wienermobile downsized to a MINI Cooper [w/VIDEO]

    The Wienermobile is a marvel of American motoring, with 72 years in service and a design more memorable than any other. At 27 feet in length, the legendary frankfurter is also one of the bigger vehicles on the road, but that's all changed with the introduction of the MINI Cooper Wienermobile. At ...


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