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    Study: Hybrid drivers are safer from injury in a crash

    Hybrid models have the advantage of fuel economy over their gas-only siblings, but it appears that batteries and electric motors make them safer as well. The Highway Loss Data Institute studied 25 2003 to 2011 vehicles that featured both conventional and hybrid powertrains (example: Honda Civic ...

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    REPORT: The future of the BMW 3 Series

    The next generation BMW 3-series is set to get some major revisions when it arrives in two year's time. The new model is expected to be the first in the range to get a line of turbocharged three-cylinder engines in both gas and diesel variants, and will likely be 1.5-liter units -- essentially ...

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    Lead wheel weights meet their demise in California

    Environmentally-friendly California is putting an end to lead balancing weights on wheels and tires. The heavy metal neurotoxin is polluting the state's ground water supplies, according to the Center for Environmental Health. The group claims that more than 500,000 pounds of lead weights are ...

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    New IRL rule weighs heavy on Danica Patrick

    The new rule at the Indy Racing League (IRL) says the minimum weight for cars will now include the driver. That's good news for Ed Carpenter. At 165 pounds, he's the heaviest driver in the series (if anyone can call that "heavy"). On the other hand, it appears to penalize Danica Patrick -- the ...

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    How the new Mazda2 shed the pounds

    Recently we blogged about vehicles getting heavier and the general consensus was that they were better off with the added safety and improved features of a new car. Now we have Mazda, who has managed to remove 100kg from its new Mazda2 supermini over the previous model. With the weight loss the ...

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    Vehicles keep piling on the pounds

    With fuel prices ever creeping northwards you'd think the automakers would start slowing down on upping the size of their new models. Unfortunately, the notion of 'less is more' isn't the case when it comes to building and selling new cars. The belief in the auto industry is that consumers view ...

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    Ferrari makes commitment to green performance with FXX Millechili concept

    click above to view more shots of the Ferrari FXX Millechili from Winding RoadToday Ferrari revealed that it has been forced to face an inconvenient truth, which is that the Italian exotics made in Maranello are no longer immune from environmental concerns. The Prancing Horse revealed today at a ...

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    Weight watchers: Are heavy trucks and SUVs illegal on some California roads?

    Pop quiz: if you're driving an H2 and you see a sign forbidding vehicles above 6,000 pounds to use a street, do you avoid that street? Neither does anyone else. In a sarcastic, meandering article touching on carbon dioxide, gasoline, SUV-haters, municipal codes, and testosterone, the LA Times ...

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    Worth its weight? ShurTrax could keep your pickup planted

    If you live in a cold-weather climate and own a RWD pickup truck, you know that driving in inclement weather can be a real crap shoot. The rear wheels seem to have a mind of their own, coming out from under you when you least suspect it. To help keep traction, many people combat this problem by ...

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    Alfa puts the 159 on Atkins

    Excess weight is the enemy of every automobile. Extra pounds will make a car slower at the top end, more sluggish off the line, wobblier in the corners, more lethargic under braking, guzzle more gas and expel more toxic fumes...among other problems. It can render an otherwise great car imperfect. ...

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    Automakers toil to drop a few pounds

    Just as Americans continue to get fatter, so do our cars. According to the EPA, the average weight of a new vehicle in 2006 is a whopping 4,142 lbs - that's up a quarter-ton from ten years ago, and is the heaviest yet since the EPA began tracking the statistic in 1975. Not only does weight hurt ...


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