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weight loss

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    Report: Next Audi Q7 to go on radical diet, lose 770 pounds

    Audi has set some pretty aggressive weight-cutting targets for its future line, according to Car and Driver. The German manufacturer has said that each of its model successors will be lighter than their current iterations thanks to a greater use of aluminum in their body structures. That includes ...

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    REPORT: Mazda to slash weight by over 200 pounds in 2011

    2009 Mazda MX-5 Miata – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When the original fuel crisis hit the States in the 1970s, automakers scrambled to make smaller, more efficient transportation. The result was a lot of ill-packaged front-wheel drive suck better left in the deepest recesses of ...

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    Honda and Nissan working to mass-market carbon fiber

    Honda and Nissan are looking for ways to make cars lighter, better, and more recyclable, both for their own benefits and their customers. We've heard about the increased use of aluminum to save weight; next on the heavy R&D frontier could be carbon fiber. Both companies have teamed up with ...


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