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    VIDEO: MINI Clubman vs. Go Kart

    The MINI Clubman is everything the MINI Cooper is and more -- nine inches more. It has a passenger-side suicide door and that wide-mouth split rear gate, but everything else from its retro looks to the 172-hp turbocharged four-cylinder underhood is the same. But is it the same? Does nine inches of ...

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    VIDEO: pits Nissan GT-R against Ford GT in Super Lap

    click above to view video after the jumpThe much lauded Nissan GT-R has been out long enough to be pitted against what many consider to be its main arch rival, the Porsche 911 Turbo, by nearly every auto rag. One even threw in a BMW M3 that somehow beat it, and no one's been able to get General ...

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    VIDEO: WebRidesTV pits IS-F against RS4

    Click above to view the WebRidesTV shootout.It's tough to top Top Gear (as Gear producers are about to find out), but until Clarkson, Hamster and Captain Slow get back on schedule, the crew at WebRidesTV is back to cure our insatiable lust for all things automotive and in motion. Sure, it doesn't ...

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    VIDEO: Haven't you always wondered? ROUSH vs. SALEEN

    Click above to watch the Saleen S281 and Roush 427R do battle While Saleen and Roush have always been competitors for the dollars of Mustang lovers everywhere, the two companies have somehow managed to co-exist for decades. But which makes a better Mustang? Former FIA F300 driver Derek Hill of ...


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