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    Report: Convertible demand has tanked over last seven years

    Few things match the joy of open-roofed motoring. The wind runs through your hair, the sun beats down and the trees flash overhead, and it's then that you realize that this elemental experience is just better than being permanently ensconced in stylized cage of steel and glass. Unfortunately for ...

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    Oh the horror! Ferrari California post-crash test

    We're fully aware that even supercars must undergo crash testing. But we like to think of the process the same way we do hamburgers. When we get hungry, we're able to totally banish any curiosity about what gruesome process transformed the cow into lunch.Photos from inside a slaughterhouse would ...

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    Webasto LiGHT Concept shown ahead of Geneva

    Click above for a gallery of the Webasto LiGHT concept.Webasto's LiGHT concept isn't due to be unveiled for another week, but the convertible and sunroof manufacturer from Deutschland has released the first image of its drop-top, two-seater.Webasto tasked IED Automotive, associated with Istituto ...

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    Webasto bringing LigHT concept to Geneva

    All right. Let's get one thing out of the way right now. The picture above is not the LigHT concept that Webasto will be showing in Geneva. No, that square-jawed little number is the aftermarket firm's Welcome 2 concept that debuted back in 2003, based off a Mercedes CL500. With that out of the ...

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    Remote start, kiss my gas - a better way to warm up

    Here in the Autoblog New England office, we've been experiencing a spell of weather where temps fail to break the 30's. It's not the most extreme in the country, but it's darn cold. The low temps are driving many folks to commit ritual torture to their cars. Being the comfort seekers we are, most ...


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