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    27,000 Ford workers have officially left the building

    The Detroit Free Press is reporting today that since Ford began offering buyouts and early retirement offers to its hourly employees last year, about 27,000 have accepted and left the company. Since the offer was made last October to hourly workers at all of Ford's plants in North America, about ...

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    Mark Fields to white-collar crew: "How do you feel?"

    If you are still here after seeing your friends and colleagues pink-slipped (or encouraged to take buyouts or early retirement), then we want to know how you're feeling. That was the basic message sent to Ford's white-collar workers today by Ford's President of the Americas Mark Fields. Top Ford ...

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    Ford's cost of recovery: Over $11 Billion for accelerated restructuring

    In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that surfaced yesterday, Ford estimated that it the accelerated restructuring plan announced last September will cost $11.2 billion when the books are finally balanced. In other words, it will cost Ford$11.2 billion to let go of 38,000 hourly ...

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    Ohio offering the farm for Ford to stay

    We here in Ohio love our Ford plants. We've got 'em all over the place – in Cleveland, in Toledo, in Cincinnati... wait. Scratch those last two, as the Way Forward plan counts among its victims a stamping plant in Maumee near Toledo and a transmission plant in Batavia near Cinci. Ohio ...

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    Ford forced to weather the storm through 2008

    By now, everyone knows that Ford Motor is in trouble in North America, largely because of a product line that missed a rapid shift in consumer preferences, but there's a limit to how quickly the company will be able to restructure to meet the challenge, according to Ford's president for American ...

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    It's Job Fair Day at FoMoCo!

    It's not usually a good sign when your boss starts talking to you about what you want to do with the rest of your life. If they start leaving the help wanted classifieds on your desk, things are really getting bad. If they actually bring in a number of other employers to recruit amongst their ...

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    Ford drew on politics to reverse image "180 in 180"

    Daniel Howes of The Detroit News has written a piece on the project that was supposed to pave the way for Ford's Way Forward turnaround plan. It wasn't as big as Alan Mulally coming in or the restructuring plans now in effect, but it did involve Clinton White House consultants using polling and ...

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    Ford Bold Moves - Episode 13: Close to the Edge

    The Ford Bold Moves web-based documentary reaches lucky number 13 today and focuses it's power over audio and video on the upcoming Ford Edge. "This launch is absolutely crucial," says Mark Fields in the episode, and we couldn't agree with him more. I say as much in an accompanying piece on the ...

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    Way Forward 2.0: Product, product, product

    If you're like us, no doubt you're most interested in how Ford's accelerated Way Forward plan is going to affect the company's product portfolio. Having just watched the webcast delivered by Mark Fields (a trasnscript of his speech can be found after the jump), here's what we can tell you. ...

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    Ford's Accelerated Way Forward Plan details announced

    All right, we got up this early to get Ford's announcement first thing, so let's get to it. Ford has announced, in a nutshell, that Way Forward 2.0 will include a further reduction in its production capacity and work force combined with a "ramp up" of new product introductions. The company also ...

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    Ford of Europe spared the Way Forward

    As Ford readies the presentation of the Accelerated Way Forward plan for North America tomorrow, in Europe, it'll be business as usual. Ford's profitable European division offers a peek at what life could be like for the North American division after the Way Forward -- assuming all goes well.To get ...

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    Way Forward goes WOT tomorrow, all brands are safe

    Ford announced this afternoon that it will be presenting an Accelerated Way Forward plan, also known as Way Forward 2.0 in the web savvy crowd, at 7 AM tomorrow. Assuming we get to bed on time and experience no alarm malfunctions, we'll be on hand to bring you the details as they come in. No doubt ...

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    Way Forward 2.0 today?

    Now that Ford's got a new captain at the helm, it's full steam ahead for the "Way Forward." According to Reuters, Ford's board of directors will be instituting the second stage of its plan and is expected to release an overview of the strategy later today. Some of the proposals to be announced ...

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    Ford to shrink dealer network over three years

    Reuters is reporting that Ford will be shrinking its dealer base over the next three years in order to better align its distribution network with a market share that is smaller than it has been in the past. Dealers were told of the planned reduction at the dealer meeting in Las Vegas last month. ...

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    Ford's 'Way Forward': Part Deux

    As the week begins, many industry analysts and insiders are confident that Ford will be making dramatic steps towards increasing their efficiency and productivity. The announcement last week that Bill Ford would be stepping down as CEO and passing the torch to Alan Mulally, was the first of many ...

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    Is Ford robbing Boeing's boardroom?

    A Reuters article released today suggests that Ford's new CEO Alan Mulally could attract a whole group of defecting executives from Boeing Co., Mulally's previous employer. Apparently Mulally is a pretty good guy to work for, being described by Reuters as a charismatic leader with a loyal following ...

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    Bill Ford outlines 3-point plan to employees

    In an effort to assuage the fear of his employees over the current direction of Ford Motor Company, Bill Ford sent out a company-wide memo on Friday that details a three-point strategy for ushering the Blue Oval out of hard times. The Detroit News describes the strategy in a nutshell as 1) fixing ...

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    BREAKING: Ford puts Aston Martin up for sale

    You can stop wondering which brand in Ford's Premier Auto Group will be the first to go. It's Aston Martin. Though speculation had pointed to a possible sale of Jaguar and/or Land Rover, in a statement Ford indicates that Aston Martin makes the most sense because it has a completely separate dealer ...

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    BREAKING: Ford slashes production

    As part of its accelerated "Way Forward" turnaround strategy, Ford Motor announced today that it will cut North American production by 21 percent (168,000 vehicles) in the fourth quarter of this year. Third quarter production will by cut by 20,000 units.The result will be a 9 percent reduction in ...

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    Mark Fields: Ford accelerating "Way Forward" plan

    Nine new vehicles in next six monthsThe North American automotive market has punished automakers whose products are out of step with rapidly changing consumer demands, and Ford Motor's Mark Fields (president, Americas) says his company gets the message. In a speech to industry executives Wednesday ...


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