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    High-tech seatbelt device wants to save you in a flood [w/video]

    We imagine things get hectic pretty quickly if you happen to take a deep plunge while still in your car. As the water rushes in, things like patience and good sense can rush out, so doing something as reflexive and simple as getting out of your seatbelt can waste time you don't really have. If ...

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    Video: Putting the "Ford" in The Blue Oval's new Ranger pickup

    If you're a Ranger fan, the video posted after the jump is going to make you sad. Ford engineers in Australia filmed the new but not-for-U.S.-consumption truck as its water wading capabilities were put to the test. The results were heaps good. Ford's new Ranger is available in a Hi-Rider ...

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    Report: Tata pours $15M into project researching water as fuel

    The lure of extracting hydrogen from water in a somewhat real-time fashion in sufficient quantities to power an automobile has so far been a complete dead-end pursuit. One of the biggest problems is that it takes more energy to release the hydrogen from its water-tight bonds than is actually ...

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    Lancia gets wet in Venice with model Catrinel Menghia and Martini Racing [w/VIDEO]

    Lancia di Lancia launches in Venice – Click either image for high-res image gallery
    Considering that somewhere between two-thirds and three-quarters of the earth's surface is covered by water – and that, if the global warming alarmists are right, that proportion of aqua to terra firma ...

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    Ferrari breaks speed records ... on water

    click above image for a few more pics of Molinari's Ferrari boat So the prancing horse is having a little trouble on the track, but its engines aren't having any problems at all on the water. Speedboat designer Eugenio Molinari, using a production engine from an F430, broke the running kilometer ...

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    Autoblog Night Watch: Water powered jet car

    We really don't know where to begin with this one. We thought we'd seen every conceivable form of motivation, then this comes along and it seems to defy description. The video is courtesy of, who contends that beneath all that pimperific body work, lives a water-propelled, ...


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