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    Will GM consider moving its headquarters out of Detroit? [w/POLL]

    Yesterday's media question-and-answer session with General Motors' CEO Fritz Henderson didn't reveal much in the way of actual news, but at least one question raised a few eyebrows: "Is GM considering moving its corporate headquarters?"While that's an unlikely scenario, Henderson stopped short of ...

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    Detroit area mayor gets pulled over, demands speeding ticket

    Our reaction would be markedly different after getting busted for 5 mph over. Rather than excoriate the revenue enhancement agent for harassing a man of the people, Warren, MI mayor Jim Fouts was worried that the verbal warning he initially received might be viewed as favoritism by some. Amidst ...

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    GM creates design studio to work on future electric vehicles

    var digg_url = ''; More Volt news: yesterday was the teaser pic, today is news that GM has devoted an entire design studio to work solely on The Next Big Thing. On October 1, forty-five interior and exterior designers ...


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