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    Report: Hyundai workers' union resume strike in S. Korea

    Union works at Hyundai resumed walkout on Wednesday after failing to workout a deal with management. About 45,000 unionized workers had been requesting that South Korea's largest automaker increase wages, and they've also been urging to end the nightshifts that workers say are ...

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    Hyundai workers walk out in South Korea - full strike is on

    After two weeks of coordinated work stoppages, the Hyundai Motor Union went on full strike yesterday in South Korea. The prior two weeks of work stoppages have cost Hyundai a reported $768 million, putting the South Korean automaker 53,155 cars behind schedule. On Thursday, twenty thousand workers ...

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    Hyundai employees stage walk-out protest

    Workers at three Hyundai locations in South Korea have walked off the job over a lack of progress in wage negotiations. The stoppages, scheduled to last a total of 12 hours over three days, will cost Hyundai almost 2,700 vehicles and $38M, but it is not said to have "significant impact" on the ...


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