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The NTSB has announced that truck driver Kevin Roper is responsible for the accident that killed comedian James McNair and seriously injured Tracy Morgan.


There is such a thing as "bad public relations." We aren't fully sure Walmart understands this, considering that the retail giant is now blaming the injuries comedian Tracy Morgan suffered after his limo bus was hit by one of the company's trucks on his failure to wear a seatbelt, rather than, you know, getting hit by an allegedly speeding semi being driven by an, again allegedly, sleep-deprived, over-worked trucker.


Honda can thank Wal-Mart for the automaker's recent victory in a class-action lawsuit over Acura RL models equipped with the company's Collision Mitigation Braking System. The system was designed to warn drivers of a potential crash, tighten the vehicle's seat belts and automatically apply the brakes. However, lawyers for approximately 2,000 plaintiffs sued the Japanese automaker, arguing that the system may warn the driver too slowly, and it may not work at all – the lawsuit also complain


Wal-Mart was the most requested OnStar search in July – Follow the jump to view the top 10


Wal-Mart has been booming since the recession began, and with 2008 sales of $406 billion dollars, the retail giant had its best year ever. That didn't stop Wal-Mart from losing its grip on first place in the Fortune 500, though, as Exxon Mobil smoked all comers with $443 billion in sales last year. Exxon Mobil also topped all companies in profits last year, tallying a cool $45 billion in revenue.


Last month, the Wal-Mart Foundation gave $369,000 to the Arkansas Biosciences Institute for cellulosic ethanol research, specifically biomass-to-ethanol work. For comparison, Wal-Mart earned $351,139,000,000 last year.


Wal-Mart is going to introduce four liquefied natural gas (LNG)-fueled Peterbilt 386 trucks into service at their distribution center in Apple Valley, California using Westport Innovations HPDI system on Cummins ISX engines (pictured above is one of Wal-Mart's hybrid trucks being used for other tests). The deployment will be supported, in part, by funding from the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District's (MDAQMD) Mobile Source Emission Reductions Competitive Bidding Program.


Back in the earlier years of this decade when rumblings about Chinese cars coming to America first started to appear, my colleagues and I came up with a business plan about how it might happen. Given that upwards of 80 percent of everything Wal-Mart sells is already sourced from China they would be natural outlet. They could set up shop adjacent to their garden centers and car crushers around back. Think of the consumer electronics model. When you buy a $25 DVD player and it dies within the warr


How serious is Wal-Mart about going green? Enough that their mission, according to GreenTech Media, is to "wean itself from fossil fuels and generate zero waste from its operations." A goal like that certainly gets our attention.


An article in from Automotive News tells us... what we already know. Even though gas prices have declined since their almost record-breaking highs on Memorial Day, consumer confidence is at a low. What is interesting about the article is that it points out that not only is our confidence in oil down, but that lack of confidence extends to other parts of our consumerism.


click above image to view more high-res pics of Wal-Mart's green machine


Fuel-cell manufacturer Plug Power Inc. which produces backup power systems for the telecommunications industry is acquiring Cellex Power Products Inc. We've mentioned Cellex before as the fuel-cell manufacturer who partnered with Wal-Mart to undertake a trial of 12 hydrogen fuel-cell powered pallet lift trucks over four months. The $45 million acquisition, offset by Cellex's $8 million cash reserves, was made possible by a cash infusion into Plug Power last year by Russian group Smart Hydrogen.


Wal-Mart has made its intentions very clear to reduce the fuel bill of its massive truck fleet by improving efficiency. We've talked a couple of times about their plans and the latest news is that advanced hybrid technologies jointly developed by Peterbilt Motors Company and Eaton Corporation have been combined with a modern aerodynamic design to produce a heavy-duty truck with superior fuel efficiency. The heavy-duty hybrid electric power system should be available in 2009.


The sixth annual Clean Energy Trends report has been released which predicts a four-fold increase in the global clean-energy market over the next decade from $55.4 billion in revenues in 2006 to more than $226.5 billion by 2016. Tracked by the report are four benchmark technologies which can all expect their markets to dramatically rise: biofuels, solar, wind, and fuel cells. Key predictions centred around capacity increases for each of the technologies:


Australian federal Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced plans for a national switch from incandescent bulbs to more efficient technology such as compact fluorescent bulbs in a bid to save enormous amounts of electricity. Inefficient standard light bulbs use approximately five times as much electricity to produce the same amount of light as compact fluorescent bulbs.


As part of Wal-Mart's program to double the fuel efficiency of its heavy-duty truck fleet in 10 yeas, not only have they just announced that they're investigating dual-mode, diesel-electric drivetrains, but other cutting edge truck technologies may be on the way as well. The Rocky Mountain Institute, who developed the Hypercar concept, has been working with Wal-Mart to redesign its truck platform with the focus on aerodynamics, tires, transmissions, and auxiliary power systems.


Twelve rider pallet trucks worked in continuous operation, logging more than 18,500 hours of active work with over 2,100 indoor fueling occurrences by pallet truck operators. The fuel cells were provided by Vancouver based Cellex's CX-P150 fuel cell product. Johnnie Dobbs, Wal-Mart's e.v.p. of logistics and supply chain said that the vehicles were treated just like their other pallet trucks, and operated without a snag. He claims that Wal-Mart now considers the vehicles perfectly viable for thei


You would think that Ford Motors would be but a whisper on anyone's tongue with all the merger talk about an alliance between General Motors and Renault/Nissan. But according to the Keller Fay Group, the Blue Oval is actually the most talked about brand among in America at the moment. The marketing research and consulting company, which measures brands via word of mouth advertising, ranks the automotive company ahead of wireless company Verizon and computer maker Dell.


As we reported earlier, supermarket chain giant Wal-mart is considering sellling ethanol at its various stores. But apparently that's only a part of the company's environmental policies. According to our sibling blog bloggingstocks, CEO H. Lee Scott outlined other plans like working with companies to increase truck efficiency from average of 6.5 mpg to 13 mpg and add more than a 100 more hybrid vehicles to its fleet. Non-automotive policies include increased used of biodegradable packaging and t

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