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    Report: Porsche offering short-term leases to Macan waitlisters [UPDATE]

    UPDATE: While the text of this post used the term "lease", the title originally said "loan". We've updated the headline to more accurately reflect the nature of the program in question. Walk into a Porsche dealer today, place an order for a Macan and you'll be looking at a waiting period of six ...

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    Officially Official: Nissan sending out Leaf registration emails, will take money Tuesday

    We found an email in our inbox today that should make a lot of long-term plug-in vehicle fans happy. For the first time in about forever, a major OEM is taking orders on an all-electric passenger vehicle. Yes, Nissan is about ready to take your money in exchange for a purchase or a lease on the ...

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    Want to watch Top Gear in person? Prepare to wait 21 years

    It's no secret that we're big fans of Top Gear, and it's good to hear that we're definitely not alone in loving the world's greatest motoring show. The waiting list to get a first-hand glimpse of the show being produced is an incredible 336k names deep, which translates to about a 21 year wait. ...

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    Three year-long waiting list for Ferraris in the UK

    click above to view more high-res images of the Ferrari 599 GTB FioranoFerrari has been doing a booming business of late, particularly across the pond where the UK is now the third largest consumer of the Italian thoroughbreds behind the United States and Germany. More impressive is the fact that ...


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