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    Evidence of Apple and VW collaboration on up! dashboards?

    Last week we told you about Volkswagen's plan to put touch screens in every one of its cars next year and wondered if maybe this is what Apple had been helping VW sort out.Well, our brothers over at Engadget did some digging and came up with a video showing VW's UP touch interface in use. Apple ...

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    Volkswagen plans to overtake Toyota as world's largest by 2015

    Volkswagen has revealed that it plans to take on the newly minted global leader Toyota and become the world's largest carmaker by 2015. The ambitious goal was confirmed by Michael Kern, head of sales and marketing for the Volkswagen brand, who said they aim to beat Toyota on both vehicle sales and ...

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    VW's Up! could be coming to the States

    High fuel prices have started to change the way Americans look at transportation, and several automakers are rushing to market smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles onto US roads. Daimler Benz is in the final stages of launching the Smart fortwo city car here in the US, and Volkswagen is looking at ...

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    Frankfurt 2007: VW gets it up!

    UPDATE: Press release added after the jump.Click the image above for more live high-res pics. Some may compare it to the Beetle, but in the end, it looks like a restyled Golf that's been left in the dryer for one cycle too long. The rear-engine, three-door, four-seat city car from Volkswagen, ...


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