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    Rendered Speculation: Suzuki SX4-based VW 'Rocktan' conjured up

    According to, the Suzuki SX4 won't be pimped to just Fiat anymore (see: Sedici), Volkswagen is getting in on the act. Going after the small end of the market, VW is reportedly set to take advantage of its new 19.9 percent share of Suzuki and swiping the lovable little SX4 as the basis of a ...

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    VW's Jacoby outlines future U.S. product strategy, plans to take over the world

    Volkswagen's Stefan Jacoby has his sights set on turning the German company into the largest automaker in the world. Oh, and he also plans to turn a profit in the process. Perhaps someone should remind him how that's gone for Toyota and General Motors over the last few decades? Just like any ...

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    (Over) Active Aero: VW recalling Touareg over spoilers that might take flight

    With products like its now-defunct Corrado sports coupe, Volkswagen has proven that they understand the benefits of active aerodynamics – but a new recall in conjunction with the National HIghway Traffic Safety Administration centers on the potential for some completely unintentional and ...

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    VW planning 7-seat SUV

    Volkswagen has apparently seen the same gap in its SUV lineup that we did when the Tiguan was introduced. According to Autocar, the Germans are working on a mid-sizer that would slot between the large Touareg2 and the smaller Tiguan, but have seating for seven. Autocar says VW does not plan to base ...


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