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    Report: Suzuki gets legal with VW over troubled partnership

    Suzuki is turning to legal arbiters in the UK in an attempt to force Volkswagen to return its 19.9-percent stake in the Japanese automaker, according to Automotive News Europe. VW purchased the sizable slice of Suzuki in 2009 for around $2.1 billion when the two embarked on a corporate ...

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    Report: Despite public squabbles, VW says it plans to keep Suzuki stake

    Last month on The Young and the Restless Volkswagen-Suzuki Partnership, Osamu Suzuki was publicly declaring his angst with the "ball-and-chain" union, proclaiming it needed to end and serving legal papers. Volkswagen, meanwhile, was saying little other than that it wanted to speak to its partner ...

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    Rendered Speculation: Suzuki SX4-based VW 'Rocktan' conjured up

    According to, the Suzuki SX4 won't be pimped to just Fiat anymore (see: Sedici), Volkswagen is getting in on the act. Going after the small end of the market, VW is reportedly set to take advantage of its new 19.9 percent share of Suzuki and swiping the lovable little SX4 as the basis of a ...

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    Nissan small car program left out in the cold after VW-Suzuki deal?

    Nissan got turned out of the Chrysler house after Fiat bought the Pentastar, which ended Nissan's hopes for a jointly developed replacement for the Nissan Titan. while it's busy doing the O Solo Mio routine on the coming 2014 Titan, another potential blow to the Japanese brand is coming at the ...

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    Officially Official: VW and Suzuki tie the knot

    As you can see from the image above depicting Osamu Suzuki, chairman and CEO of Suzuki Motor Corp. and Martin Winterkorn, his counterpart at Volkswagen AG, the two auto companies have agreed to link arms. Volkswagen has properly announced that it has "reached a common understanding to establish a ...

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    REPORT: Volkswagen to take 20% stake in Suzuki

    Where there's smoke, there's fire. Though Suzuki CEO Osamu Suzuki would beg to differ, it seems that the old saying has once again been proven prescient. After a ton of rumor, innuendo and speculation on the matter along with the subsequent denials, a fresh report from Reuters indicates that ...

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    Rumormill: Volkswagen interested in Ducati... still

    Ducati 1098R - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Rumors of a possible motorcycle brand for Volkswagen aren't anything new. It's a well-known fact that Ferdinand Piëch, Chairman of Volkswagen's Board, wishes that the German automaker had purchased Ducati back in 1985 when the Italian ...

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    REPORT: Volkswagen interested in partnership with Suzuki, still

    Suzuki Alto Lapin - Click above for high-res gallery
    Just a few months back, Manager Magazin in Germany reported Volkswagen chairman Ferdinand Piech was interested in procuring a small stake in Suzuki. Those rumors were subsequently denied by Osamu Suzuki, chief executive of the automaker that ...

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    REPORT: Volkswagen considering stake in Suzuki for micro-car alliance

    Suzuki Alto Lapin - Click above for high-res gallery
    According to reports from Reuters and Manager Magazin in Germany, Volkswagen is keen to purchase a 10% stake in Suzuki in order to cooperate on future small cars for emerging markets. In its home market of Japan, Suzuki is the second-largest ...


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