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vw super bowl commercial

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    Video: VW blends every successful Super Bowl ad ever into its big game teaser

    Volkswagen has a long, proud history when it comes to that most American of traditions - the Super Bowl commercial. For this year's big game – its fifth as an advertiser – VW has a new idea. There is no tiny Vader or Jamaican accents, just a very German formula. The formula attempts ...

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    Video: VW Super Bowl teaser with Jimmy Cliff is like a less-mean Tosh.0 Web Redemption

    Reggae super-duper-star and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Jimmy Cliff has been using music to send positive vibes out into the universe for decades now, so its no surprise that his message on behalf of Volkswagen is one of redemption. Dubbed Sunny Side, this web-spot is VW's warmup of sorts for ...

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    Official: Volkswagen headed back to Super Bowl with new ad [w/videos]

    Volkswagen has proven that it can make a big splash among the high-dollar Super Bowl ad blitz. In the 2011 edition of the Big Game, the German automaker debuted The Force spot, which was widely popular, arguably maintaining its significance even after the 2012 Super Bowl spots aired. Recognizing ...

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    Video: Successful heart surgery for VW's "Little Vader" [w/video]

    Automotive News reports Max Page, the young actor behind the wildly popular Volkswagen "Little Vader" character, has undergone successful surgery to correct a heart issue. Page was born with a defect called Tetralogoy of Fallot, which can cause low oxygen levels in the blood. Surgeons replaced ...

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    Video: Volkswagen puts a twist on its Beetle Super Bowl ad

    Volkswagen has released an extended version of its Super Bowl ad ahead of the Big Game, and it may not be what you expected. While the automaker's teaser hinted toward yet another Star Wars-themed spot after the success of last year's "The Force," the new commercial focuses instead on a pudgy ...

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    Video: The Bark Side: Volkswagen hounds bring back Star Wars in Super Bowl teaser

    Volkswagen knows how to get attention through advertising, as its latest teaser spot shows. Start with the Star Wars Imperial March to make the tighty-whities of every 40-year-old geek just a little bit tighter, and add dogs for the rest of the nation. That's how you get the undivided attention ...

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    Official: VW returning to Super Bowl with 60-second Beetle spot

    Two automakers emerged from last year's Super Bowl as big winners with their million-dollar commercials. The first was Chrysler debuting its "Imported from Detroit" tagline to the melodic influences of one Eminem. The second was Volkswagen. Germany's automotive brand for the people debuted two ...

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    Video: VW Darth Vader Super Bowl ad gets the Toyota spoof treatment

    Click above to watch the video after the jump
    Volkswagen's Darth Vader Super Bowl ad has all the trimmings of an all-time classic. It involves kids and the most famous Star Wars character of all time. Who doesn't love kids and Star Wars? And, perhaps most importantly, the big game spot was ...

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    Meet Max Page, Volkswagen's Darth Vader [w/video]

    Volkswagen's "The Force" Super Bowl ad - Click above to watch video after the jump
    Volkswagen was responsible for one of the more memorable Super Bowl ads Sunday night with its spot for the 2012 Passat thanks largely to the efforts of one tiny Darth Vader. As it turns out, the pint-sized Sith ...

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    Video: Volkswagen teases 'Black Beetle' Super Bowl ad

    Volkswagen Super Bowl ad – Click above to watch video after the jump
    It looks like Super Bowl fans will be enjoying a pair of Volkswagen ads between plays this year. The German automaker is returning to the greatest spectacle in the NFL for the first time in nine years with two 30-second ...


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