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    Official: Honda reveals three new turbo VTEC engines, including Civic Type R 2.0L

    It's fair to say that in recent years, Honda has been viewed as a laggard when it comes to engine and gearbox development, seemingly missing the boat on direct-injection, forced-induction and high gear-count transmissions, among other things. But under its Earth Dreams banner, the Japanese ...

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    Video: Watch Honda transform a stock Civic Si into a race car

    Chief designer for Sunbeam, Louis Coatalen was once quoted as saying "Racing improves the breed." With Formula One racers that look like nothing on the open road, and NASCAR, whose cars only LOOK like what you can get in a dealership, its hard for the average Joe to see why motorsport is relevant ...

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    Review: 2010 Honda Civic Si HFP not fast, is curious

    2010 Honda Civic Si HFP - Click above for high-res image gallery
    There was a time was when any serious discussion of "hot hatches" – small, lightweight economy cars pumped full of go-fast parts and body modifications of dubious taste – always included the Honda Civic Si. Back in the ...

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    VIDEO: Dry but fascinating explanation of variable valve timing

    Honda K20Z3 featuring i-VTEC - click above image to watch the video
    The powers that be are pleased you enjoyed the differential video so much. So much so that here's another. Dilemma: you want oodles of torque at low speeds because you must overcome one of Newton's pesky laws about bodies at rest ...

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    The all-wheel drive Mini has arrived... sorta [w/VIDEO]

    The Mini Tec AWD Mini – Click above for high-res image gallery
    If you want a chunky Mini CUV, you don't need to wait for the Mini Countryman – you can have this Frankenstein'd love child of a vintage Mini and a Honda engine and all-wheel drive powertrain instead. The folks at Mini Tec ...

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    Spy Shots: Acura TSX

    It's handy to work next door to Honda's US Headquarters if your goal is to snag pictures of future models. A user from the Temple of VTEC forums named Tyson grabbed a couple shots of what's believed to be the 2009 Acura TSX. He'd been seeing the silver sedan for a few days, and was finally able to ...

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    VIDEO: Huey Lewis! Michael J. Fox! Integra?

    Here it is folks, the ethos of at least the second half of the 1980s, neatly encapsulated in 30 seconds. This 1989 home-market commercial launching the DOHC VTEC engine in the Honda Integra plays up the American appeal baked into the car. Badged as an Acura here in the States, the Integra was ...

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    It's a madder world: Mid-engine RWD Integra GSR

    There once was a man named Dave who had a '91 NSX and loved it. The problem was it cost too much to maintain, and he was petrified of the car receiving the slightest nick. When the money and the angst got too much, after 1,800 miles, he got rid of it. The car he replaced it with is far, far more ...

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    Honda reveals the Advanced VTEC engine

    Honda's engineers have been busily figuring out how to make their VTEC engine better, and today the auto giant released the first details about the next-generation powerplant, which they're calling Advanced VTEC. Honda says it plans to have the new engine in a production car within the next three ...

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    Snagged! 2007 Honda CR-V

    Those rev-hungry Hondaheads over at the Temple of VTEC have persuaded spyshooter Brenda Priddy to part with a couple of images of the 2007 Honda CR-V, giving readers the best look yet at the popular crossover's pending replacement. The glimpses show a vehicle remarkably similar to that of a ...

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    Honda building its first Japanese plant in 30 years

    For the first time in 30 years, Honda is building a new manufacturing facility in Japan. At least initially the plant will manufacture advanced fuel-efficient powertrains.BusinessWeek reports that Honda will invest about $250 million in the new plant, which will be capable of mass-producing gas and ...


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