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von dutch

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    Exclusive: Jim Morrison's 1968 Honda 305 Scrambler was found on Craigslist *UPDATE

    Don Ince knows a famous bike when he sees one. The guy has committed a rash of celebrity VINs to memory, and spends plenty of time looking over local motorcycle listings for vintage Husqvarna machines with famous pasts. While he has a soft spot for bikes owned by Steve McQueen, he recently came ...

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    Video: Take a look at the fine art of old school pinstriping

    The late Kenneth "Von Dutch" Howard is probably the pinstriper best known to non-hot-rodders – and not because he's considered the father of the modern pinstripe, but because of the clothing label named after him. Yet the art is still practiced by those who care for genuine article, not ...

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    Christian Audigier stikes again with special edition Ducati Monster

    Ducati Monster 1100 by Christian Audigier – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Christian Audigier won't leave us alone. The fashion designer responsible for decking out all the celebs in Ed Hardy and Von Dutch gear has made a killing off his overpriced wears, but apparently unsatisfied ...

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    2007 Barrett-Jackson: Von Dutch GMC Bus-Home/Workshop

    High-res image available by clicking above Lot Number 1042.1: Von Dutch GMC Bus-Home/Workshop Here's one of those "don't pass it just because it looks like it's been out in a field for 20 years" gems that we love so much. This bus was once the home and workshop of the legendary ...


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