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10Jim Morrison's 1968 Honda 305 Scrambler was found on Craigslist *UPDATE

Don Ince knows a famous bike when he sees one. The guy has committed a rash of celebrity VINs to memory, and spends plenty of time looking over local motorcycle listings for vintage Husqvarna machines with famous pasts. While he has a soft spot for bikes owned by Steve McQueen, he recently came across something a little different. A local Craigslist ad served up this 1968 Honda 305 Scrambler with an interesting pedigree. Registration papers showed the bike once found itself in the care of Kennet

14Take a look at the fine art of old school pinstriping

HBTV points its lens at pinstriper Andy Kawahara – Click above to watch video after the jump

17Christian Audigier stikes again with special edition Ducati Monster

Ducati Monster 1100 by Christian Audigier – Click above for high-res image gallery

112007 Barrett-Jackson: Von Dutch GMC Bus-Home/Workshop

High-res image available by clicking above

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