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volvo sale

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    Volvo sale to Geely to close next week?

    Volvo may finally part ways with Ford by the end of next week. The Detroit Free Press reports that the Blue Oval is aiming to close its $1.8 billion sale of the Swedish automaker to Geely in as little as 10 days, though Ford has merely said that its goal is to hand over the Volvo reigns by the ...

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    Ford finalizes deal to sell Volvo to Geely for $1.8 billion

    At press conference in Gothenburg, Sweden today, Ford executive vice president Lewis Booth and Geely chairman Li Shufu announced that the companies have reached a final deal to sell Volvo to the Chinese automaker. The final purchase price is $1.8 billion, which includes some of Volvo's ...

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    Report: Geely may need to come up with $1.4B to fix damaged Volvo after purchase

    It's going to cost up to $2 billion for Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. to take ownership of Volvo, but according to a new report out of BusinessWeek, that lofty figure is just the cost of entry. Volvo union members and the board have apparently told the Chinese automaker that it will need at ...

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    Rumormill: Ford to sell Volvo to Geely for 1.8 billion on Feb. 8

    See you in Shanghai - click above for high-res image gallery
    With all the Saab hullabaloo clogging up the virtual pipes as of late seems that folks have been neglecting the fate of the other fancy Swedish brand purchased by a pipe-dreamin', pie in the sky American car maker whose coffers were ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #159 - Reilly Brennan from AOL Autos comes by the podcast clubhouse

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    For this week between holidays, Reilly Brennan from AOL Autos stops by our clubhouse to join Chris, Sam, and Dan for Episode #159 of the Autoblog Podcast. While it's a question-centric podcast this week, we touch on a few news ...

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    BREAKING: Ford says it has come to terms with Geely on Volvo sale

    Ford Motor Company has just announced that all major terms relating to the sale of Volvo have been settled between Ford and Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Company Limited. That doesn't mean that all the Ts have been crossed on the deal, but it does indicate that Geely has met all of Ford's terms ...

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    REPORT: Former Volvo directors and politicians fear sale to BAIC

    Back in October, Ford anointed China's Geely Holding Group as its preferred bidder for Swedish Automaker Volvo. The move made perfect sense for Ford, simply because Geely was offering money and the recent happenings in the auto industry proved that, beyond the shadow of a doubt, you can never ...

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    REPORT: Even while pursuing Volvo, Geely again mulling bid for Saab?

    Just about every time an automaker decides to sell one of its brands, Chinese automaker Geely comes up as one of the potential suitors. Geely executive Lawrence Ang has reportedly told Automotive News that the reason Geely has been present at a lot of negotiating tables is because it wants to ...

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    Ford officially confirms China's Geely as preferred bidder for Volvo

    Volvo S60 concept - click above for high-res image gallery
    It's been rumored for months Chinese automaker Geely had the best shot at picking up the Volvo brand from Ford, and today, Dearborn has finally confirmed it. Geely was named as the preferred bidder this morning and the Blue Oval is ...

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    REPORT: Geely's plans to buy Volvo from Ford unravelling over intellectual property concerns?

    Ford has been trying to offload the Volvo brand since December of 2008, but after years of rumors and speculation those 10 months feel more like a decade. China's Geely has been speculated as the number-one bidder for the Blue Oval's Swedish luxury brand, but a report by Bloomberg asserts that ...

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    REPORT: American-led consortium to bid against Geely for Volvo

    With General Motors and Ford both trying to divest themselves of underperforming operations that aren't core to their U.S.-based businesses, the automakers are finding things tougher than simply locating someone willing to write a check. As automakers have rationalized their operations, they have ...

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    REPORT: Chinese government approves of Chery's bid to purchase Volvo

    If, like us, you've been following the Volvo saga pretty closely, you'll remember that several Chinese companies are considered to be among the top bidders for the Swedish automaker when Ford officially opens the bidding. Although Geely has said they aren't interested, that didn't rule out other ...

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    Bids for Volvo expected around Easter, Chinese and Euro concerns reportedly in the running

    Volvo has been struggling for a while now, and recently the Swedish automaker shed 6,000 jobs to stem the tide of red ink. To make matters more interesting, Volvo could soon be working with a new owner. Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri is quoting unnamed sources as saying Ford could rid itself of ...

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    REPORT: Geely denies plans to buy Volvo

    Of the many suitors who have reportedly had at least a passing interest in acquiring the Volvo brand from Ford Motor Company, the Volvo Group, BMW and Daimler have all publicly decided to pass on the opportunity. Many believe that a Chinese automaker will step up to the plate and purchase the ...

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    Ford holding talks with Renault regarding Volvo sale?

    At this point, Ford's sale of Volvo appears imminent. The only question now is who wants to take the Swedish automaker off the Blue Oval's hands. Last week we told you of a possible sale as early as mid-February, and now Reuters is reporting that the buyer could be Renault. The two automakers ...

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    Geely reportedly interested in Volvo Cars

    We already know that Ford has placed Volvo on the auction block and is actively shopping its Swedish brand to at least one Chinese automaker. New rumors indicate that there may be more players in China with more than a passing interest in taking the brand off the Blue Oval's hands. If SAIC doesn't ...

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    Ford wants $6 billion for Volvo

    Ford bought Volvo for $6.4 billion back in 1999. Now, a decade later, unconfirmed reports say the automaker is asking nearly the same amount -- $6 billion -- for the Swedish brand. Ford may sell Volvo to demonstrate active steps to cut costs (a critical move as Mulally is in Washington asking ...

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    Volvo to BMW rumor pops up yet again

    Another day, another rumor of the sale of Volvo's automobile operations. Of course, Ford is the current owner of the Swedish maker of shapely bricks, and the Blue Oval could definitely use the money as it tries to regains its shaky footing in its home market. A sale of Volvo has been spoken of for ...

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    Volvo still wants to compete with the Germans, despite rumors of sale

    Ford says Volvo's not for sale, and the Blue Oval would be smart to hold on to its remaining vestige of the Premier Auto Group as long as it can, especially since engineering and platforms have become so entwined with Dearborn's product line. For its part, Volvo is angling to take on the high end ...

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    Ford to make fewer Volvos, possibly in prep for sale

    Volvo, once the success story in Ford's Premier Automotive Group, has hit choppy waters. And according to Wall Street Journal insiders, Ford is preparing to treat the Swedish automaker the same way it did the English ones: slap some floaties on it and keep the brand bobbing long enough to sell ...


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