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volvo r-line

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    Volvo mulling S80 R-Design?

    Volvo has transitioned from R-badged cars delivering increased performance to R-Design vehicles carrying more visual horsepower, but no additional underhood muscle. Volvo's R-Design models are well-trimmed and attractive, and Volvo wants to see if there's interest in an S80 wearing more athletic ...

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    Wagons Ho! Volvo V70 gets R-Design treatment

    Click above for more high-res pics of the Volvo V70 R-DesignOnce upon a time, there was a subtle wagon called the V70R who's meek outward appearance belied the snortiest turbo 5-cylinder Volvo has ever put in a production car. All-wheel-drive helped the power get to the ground instead of immolating ...

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    Volvo dropping "R", but adding "R-line"

    Back in April, Volvo announced it was canceling its high-performance R-badged models altogether after 2007 due to poor sales. While the R models may be going, Volvo has reportedly decided to begin offering a new sports package for its cars that will be called the "R-Line". Just like Audi's crop of ...


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