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volvo hot rod

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    Volvo creates its own YouTube channel

    Click above for a video of the Volvo Jakob Hot Rod
    Fans of stylishly-curvy Gothenburg-based meatballs bricks now have another outlet to get their Swedish fish fix. On YouTube, where else? The automaker has actually had its own station since August 11, but just decided to announce it to the public ...

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    SEMA: V??X-Amazon, the retro-Volvo stunner

    The Volvo Amazon is a classic, but it's not something that leaps to mind when one thinks, "Hot Rod." Mattias Vöcks, a Swede in the employ of the supertuner, Koenig, has changed that forever with his VÖX-Amazon, a '67 Amazon that he turned into one of the most smile-inducing hot rods ...


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