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volvo c70

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    Report: Volvo will replace C70... eventually

    Volvo has already announced the end of production for its C70 hardtop convertible, a handsome but seriously dated offering that was last refreshed in 2010. Volvo won't be abandoning the two-door coupe-convertible market for long, though, as news out of Australia claims that a replacement, based ...

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    Report: These cars are headed to the Great Crusher In The Sky

    It happens every year. We bid adieu to some cars and trucks that will be missed, and say good riddance to others wondering how they stayed around so long. Whether they're being killed off for slow sales or due to a new product coming along to replace them, the list of vehicles being discontinued ...

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    Report: Volvo contemplating C90 luxury coupe

    Volvo has its heart set on a new, larger luxury coupe, according to Inside Line. The Swedish automaker aims to build a model slotted above the current C70. Dubbed the C90, the model will compete directly against hardware like the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe, which means a convertible version will ...

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    Volvo C70 Inscription will cost an extra $3,900

    The first quarter of 2012 will see the introduction of the Volvo C70 with the Inscription package. The Polestar-modified hardtop droptop carries a $3,900 premium above the four-seater's $40,450 MSRP and is "exclusive to the North American market," although exclusivity in this case appears to mean ...

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    Los Angeles: 2012 Volvo C70 Inscription Edition looks a bit moody

    Volvo doesn't have a big presence at the LA Auto Show, but the Swedish automaker did manage to roll out a new special edition model for our edification. The C70 Inscription is a new trim limited to only 2,000 units worldwide. The Inscription will be available in the U.S. with Volvo's T5 ...

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    Official: Volvo offering 23-hp upgrade for $1,295

    Volvo enthusiasts should know the name Polestar well. The performance garage has a long history of tuning Volvos, and was anointed by the factory to run its works touring car program. Based on that success, Polestar launched a radical C30 PCP concept that is tipped to jump-start a new era of ...

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    Official: Volvo rolling in to LA with C70 Inscription edition

    Never quite capable of keeping its sales in pace with its German rivals, the Volvo C70 doesn't appear long for this world. The joint venture with Pininfarina that produced the C70 is shutting down and we've yet to receive any word on a potential new production site. So what we could be looking at ...

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    Report: Volvo to end C70 production in Uddevalla, will it surface elsewhere?

    Volvo has announced that it will cease production at the company's joint-venture plant with Pininfarina Sverige in Uddevalla, Sweden, according to Ward's Auto. That means manufacturing of the C70 convertible is without a home. As of right now, Volvo isn't saying where, if anywhere, production of ...

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    Report: Volvo and Pininfarina end C70 joint venture

    Volvo has announced it will take sole ownership of its joint manufacturing facility with Pininfarina. The Pininfarinia Sverige AB plant in Uddevalla, Sweden, only builds the Volvo C70 convertible. According to Volvo, the changeover will take place in 2013, and the automaker will continue to ...

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    Contemporary furniture designer Thonet takes on Volvo C70 gearshift duties

    Thonet shift knobs for Volvo C70 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We'll be honest – when we heard that a European contemporary furniture designer would be creating something specifically for Volvo, our first thought was, well, IKEA. (Very funny, we know.) However, the folks at ...

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    2011 Volvo C70 priced from $39,950 with more standard features

    2010 Volvo C70 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Do you know anyone who owns a Volvo C70? We don't either. The hard top convertible hasn't been a strong seller here in the U.S. since it was introduced in 2008, but Volvo is trying to do something about that for the 2011 model year. ...

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    Frankfurt 2009: 2010 Volvo C70 works best in San Diego

    2010 Volvo C70 - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Why San Diego? That way you could maximize the amount of time your new C70 spends with its top down. More than three hundred days a year -- probably. We say this because we saw some leaked shots of Volvo's latest hardtop droptop a couple of ...

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    2010 Volvo C70 drops its guard ahead of Frankfurt unveiling

    2010 Volvo C70 - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Volvo still hasn't released an official press release to accompany them, but it would appear that genuine pics of the facelifted C70 have hit the streets regardless. Set to debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, the reskinned ...

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    REPORT: Pininfarina family to sell majority stake in business, possibly to Tata

    James Glickenhaus' Pininfarina-designed Ferrari P4/P5 - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Due principally to debt, the family owners of Pininfarina S.p.A. have contracted with Italy's Banca Leonardo to help them sell 50.7 percent of their stake in the design/contract manufacturing ...

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    Forum Spy: 2010 Volvo C70 convertible snapped during Barcelona commercial shoot

    2010 Volvo C70 Spy Shots - Click above for a high-res gallery
    Swedespeed forum member al_bcn has managed to capture a pair of what looks to be Volvo's refreshed-for-2010 C70 convertibles totally undisguised. The topless twosome were caught galavanting around in Barcelona as they were apparently ...

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    You know what they say: Court orders Volvo to pay man with big feet

    "Hey, Stompy, you wanna take a test drive? Nein, I'll just take the one in black, please."So goes the imagined conversation between Michael Herzog, he of size 12 (UK) feet, and the Volvo dealer from whom he purchased a C70. Herzog says his feet are too large for the pedal box in his Volvo, ...

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    Volvo planning major lineup changes

    Automotive News is dishing on Volvo's product lineup plans between now and 2010. The newly released second-generation S80 won't see any major changes, nor will the new 70-series wagons, the C70, or the C30. The S40's going to bid us adieu, as there's price overlap with the S60, and the S60's not ...

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    IIHS crashes convertibles too! Saab 9-3, Volvo C70 earn top ratings

    The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) just wrapped up its own version of a clinical demolition derby on some of the newest drop tops around, and when the airbag dust settled, the Saab 9-3 and the Volvo C70 earned the Institute's Top Safety Pick award. Both vehicles scored "good" in ...

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    Fast? Ja. Stylish? Ja. - Heico Sportiv to unveil 5 Volvo models at Essen

    Heico Sportiv has unveiled their latest Volvo upgrades just prior to the Essen Motorshow with nary a chrome rim in sight. Heico covers the entire Volvo range, from C30 to a butching-up of the XC90 ute and finishing at the top of the range with a beautifully executed toning of the C70s lines. ...

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    Volvo, Ford, Chrysler recalling thousands

    The NHTSA says Ford, Volvo and Chrysler are recalling a total of about 300,600 vehicles.Ford gets off relatively light and is bringing in 422 Crown Vics and Mercury Grand Marquis to replace improperly secured windshields.Volvo, however, will install new software to fix speed controls on more than ...


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