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Powered by the same engine type as the DeLorean DMC-12.

The Volvo 200 Series was best-known for the 240, but there was also a six-cylinder version equipped with the Peugeot-Renault-Volvo 2.7-liter V6.

The very last model year of the iconic Volvo 240.

Production of the famous Swedish brick peaked in the 1980s, but Volvo kept turning out 240s long after the advent of the more modern 700, 850, and 900 series cars. Here's a rare last-year-of-production 240, spotted in Northern California.

This beige five-speed wagon made it to 262,122 miles before retiring.

In the mid-1980s, it was hard to get more sensible and safe with your car-buying decision than the selection of a Volvo 240 wagon. Here's one that reached the end of its road at age 30.

The Nordic countries are known for their beautiful fjords, blonde-haired populace and bitter cold for a good portion of the year. The hours spent indoors during the dark, cold season apparently gives a lot of time for some crazy brainstorming. Tire store chain Vianor is highlighting the Traktor Terror in a new video. If Ken Block is the master of Gymkhana, then these guys know all about Farmkhana in their custom, turbocharged tractor.

With the rise in popularity of first the minivan and later the crossover as the default family vehicle, there have been about 20 years of children who have missed out on the joy of rear-facing jump seats in station wagons. It means kids today don't know the pleasure to be found in making faces or lewd gestures at other drivers while their parents can't see. Plus, they don't know the slightly nauseous feeling of watching the world pass by in reverse. However, a group of filmmakers look back with

Do you want to be perceived as rich and cuddly? Of course you do. Then you need to buy this car.

Do you want to be perceived as rich and cuddly? Of course you do. Then you need to buy this car.

We've seen some pretty impressive papercraft creations as of late, including a massive Bugatti Veyron and a 1969 Ford Mustang, but this Volvo 240 Wagon takes the cake. The pieces come in a sizable tome, complete with instructions, and buyers can choose from a ludicrous number of options. Your papercraft Volvo 240 can be made with either a right-hand or left-hand-drive steering wheel, black or silver trim, automatic or manual transmission and electric or crank windows as well as a slew of wheel o

We've been guilty of employing unorthodox paint schemes on our personal vehicles from time to time. There are few body ailments that can't be solved with the judicious application a roller, a spray can and some cheap paint. Sadly, our efforts rarely turn out as classy as the Volvo 245 wagon in this video. Two world-class graffiti artists, Carlos Aguilar and Ksera, took the time to slather their skills down the sides of this Swedish box, and the finished product is all kinds of eye-grabbing.

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