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Back on the March 20, we recapped a bit of news from the first ever meeting of the so-called "Volt Nation" which took place at the New York Auto Show. Now, Lutz would like to thank the Volt Nation, along with ringleader Dr. Lyle Dennis (left, in the photo above), creator of the popular GM-Volt fan website, for meeting with Lutz and Volt design chief Frank Weber. The Volt Nation meet-us was where enthusiastic members of the community were able to ask their questions of the GM officials (You can w

New York is the place to be this week for all things automotive and amongst the throngs that have journeyed to the Big Apple to gawk at the latest offerings were a group of hard-core Chevy Volt fans. They came from all across the country to gather together under the banner of "Volt Nation" for a chance to see the concept version of the object of their affection up close and ask questions of some of the GM executives responsible for the E-Flex development program.

Calling all New York-area Volt-aholics: Lyle Dennis, the proprietor of GM-Volt.com (who also happens to live in New York) recently called up GM and asked them if they would consider hosting a gathering of Chevy Volt fans at the upcoming New York Auto Show and the company agreed. The Volt Nation event will be taking place at the Javitz Center following the press previews on March 19 at 4:30pm. Members of GM's Volt development team will be on hand to meet with fans and answer questions. Space is l

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