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42Video: Chevrolet tries to make sense of Volt mileage figures

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47Volt's EPA rating could be cut by new standards

EPA mileage estimates can be such fuzzy things when you're dealing with hybrid powertrains. We've seen plenty of contention already about real-world results versus EPA numbers for current hybrids, and Chevrolet's upcoming Volt has GM butting heads with the Feds over how the series hybrid eFlex powertrain should be rated. Because the Volt can cover about 40 miles before it needs to fire its range-extending internal combustion engine, it can breeze through the EPA's test cycle with the engine off

13Detroit Auto Show: Will the Volt generate new EPA regulations and ratings?

While the Chevy Volt continues to reap industry praise, some insiders at GM are contemplating the "ifs" should this vehicle come to market. While at the Detroit Auto Show, I was talking to three key GM product planners and asked about potential emissions regulations for the Volt.

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