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    Report: GM replacing Chevrolet Volt power cords

    The Detroit News is reporting that General Motors will replace the 120-volt power cords on the majority of Chevrolet Volt models the company has sold since 2010. The new charge cords are said to be more durable than the old hardware and should provide "more consistency in charging," according to ...

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    Chevy Volt home charger priced at $490 or nearly $2K with installation

    Sure, the sticker price for the 240V Voltec home charging unit designed to quickly and efficiently recharge the Chevrolet Volt is a wallet-friendly $490, but this is a case where reading the fine print is important. That's because the cost to install this charger in your garage is slightly more. ...

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    GM shows off 120V and 240V chargers for 2011 Chevy Volt

    Chevy Volt Home Chargers - Click above for high-res image gallery
    As part of the massive media blitz being rolled out today by General Motors in preparation for the new 230-mpg Chevy Volt and some B20 biodiesel trucks (more on these later), we finally got to see the two chargers that will come ...


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