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    Patents filed for Volkswagen Jetta Coupe

    Volkswagen NCC patents – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Take a look at what Carscoop's managed to dig up. It seems Volkswagen's been busy securing patents for its New Compact Coupe. Do these filings mean Volkswagen is seriously considering the addition of a Jetta Coupe to the ...

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    What would a new VW Corrado look like? Patrick Moczarsky thinks he knows...

    Patrick Moczarsky's take on a new Volkswagen Corrado – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Just about every Volkswagen aficionado who knows the Corrado has thoughts about the chunky coupe. Introduced in 1988 to replace the aging-yet-still-cool Scirocco, VW first "full-blooded sports car" ...

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    REPORT: VW confirms Jetta name for small sedan, upcoming coupe concept could enter production

    It seems that we'll be getting a new Jetta sedan next June, and it apparently won't be a slightly restyled Golf with a trunk grafted to the rear end. According to Car and Driver, VW's so-called New Compact Sedan, which will be built at the same Mexican plant that assembles the current Jetta, will ...

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    Rendered Speculation: Volkswagen SP2 redux

    Click above to view a high resolution gallery of Marcelo Rosa's SP2 rendering
    Back in the 1970s when Volkswagen was trying to evolve from The Beetle Company to something more, the Type III was developed to go gunning for the mainstream. VW's Brazilian division was essentially it's own little ...

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    VW launches teaser site for new Coupe

    The formerly described "Passat 4-door 'Coupe'" is now just the Volkswagen Coupe. A teaser site has been launched that doesn't reveal too much, except, frankly, a car that looks in detail much like a Phaeton. It's reported that the engine choices to start with will number exactly two: a 1.8-liter ...


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