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Volkswagen and Suzuki may be headed back to the drawing board to re-outline the nature of the two automakers' partnership. Both companies have expressed their frustrations with the way that the German manufacturer's 20-percent stake in its Japanese associate has worked out thus far, with VW taking to the press to say that Suzuki isn't willing to reciprocate technology and Suzuki claiming that Volkswagen is attempting to poach its autonomy. So far, the partnership has sounded like a match made in


There seems to be a bit of a domestic disturbance between Suzuki and Volkswagen. According to The Truth About Cars, VW is a bit upset that the corporate tie-up between the two automakers hasn't borne more fruit. If you believe the whispers sneaking around the web right now, the German company even went so far as to leak its frustrations to the German press, saying that partnership is "a big disappointment" and that Suzuki expects full access to VW tech without having to reciprocate. Suzuki, mean

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Volkswagen Suzuki Partnership Questions

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