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volkswagen eos

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    Official: Volkswagen Group, BMW Z4 top Total Value Awards by Strategic Vision

    It was just nine months ago that Strategic Vision announced its 2011 Total Value Awards, but you don't have to wait until next year for the 2012 awards. The Volkswagen Group keeps its lead as the number one brand, with seven products taking top category spots: Golf, Jetta Wagon, CC, Eos and Audi ...

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    Los Angeles: Volkswagen Eos won't be replaced, Golf Cabriolet possible?

    This week's Los Angeles Auto Show plays host to the coming out party for the 2013 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible, which once again gives the German automaker a pair of four-seat convertibles clustered within striking distance of each other's price ranges. That won't be the case for long, however, ...

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    LA 2010: Volkswagen "perfects" 2012 Eos convertible

    2012 Volkswagen Eos – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We knew this was coming. Just a few weeks ago, Volkswagen of Australia let loose a bunch of details and images of the next Eos hardtop convertible. At the time, we said we'd wait for confirmation from VW of America, but of course ...

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    Report: Volkswagen bringing back Golf Cabrio in 2011

    If you're like us, you've never found the Eos to be a fitting replacement for the long-running Golf-based Cabrio. Well, rejoice, Cabrio fans – it appears that Volkswagen will be bringing back the diminutive droptop sometime next year. And with the current Golf providing the groundwork, it ...

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    Volkswagen launches Exclusive upgrades for redesigned Eos

    Volkswagen Eos Exclusive – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Volkswagen's campaign to move upmarket has been unrelenting. Between the likes of the Phaeton and the CC, the German automaker is not shying away from taking on BMW and Mercedes-Benz, or even its sister-company Audi, for that ...

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    Volkswagen Eos updated with GTI engine, crisper looks

    2012 Volkswagen Eos – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The trouble with hard-top convertibles – four-seat cabrios especially – is the added weight penalty. German automakers in particular have proven adept at counteracting the dynamic drawbacks that open-air flexibility ...

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    Volkswagen New Beetle still number one with the ladies

    Volkswagen New Beetle – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Men, take note: According to a new survey from research firm TrueCar, the Volkswagen New Beetle is (still) the ultimate car for women. Apparently, its combination of cute-as-a-button looks and affordable pricing make the reborn ...

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    Hans Gruber, Your Ride Is Here: Volkswagen rolls out White Night Eos special edition

    Volkswagen Eos White Nights – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We know that Volkswagen's new special-edition Eos isn't named after a mythical cavalry figure on an ivory steed, but when we heard that the automaker's latest model has been dubbed White Night, we couldn't get Harry Ellis, ...

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    VW Golf Cabrio returning in 2010, but Karmann won't build it

    VW Karmann Polo Cabrio: click to view in hi-res Emerging reports suggest that the next-generation Volkswagen Golf (known in the United States as the Rabbit) will spawn a convertible version, however the German automaker won't be outsourcing its production to Karmann. The German coachbuilder has ...

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    Officially Official: Volkswagen Eos a chick car

    There are some cars on the market that you can tell just by looking at them were designed for one particular sex over the other. Prime examples include Volvo's station wagon lineup or any of the Peugeot cabrios, but until now there's been no definitive answer as to which car is best suited for ...

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    In the Autoblog Garage: 2007 Volkswagen EOS

    click above image to view gallery of 2007 Volkswagen EOS Even though Volkswagen has one of the fullest lineups in its history of selling cars in the U.S., these aren't the best of times in North America for the German automaker. Since 2005, VW has lost somewhere around $2 billion in the U.S. and ...

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    VW Eos nearly sells out in Canada without advertising, launch campaign cancelled

    What a pleasant "problem" to have! The Volkswagen Eos has left such an impression on Canadian drivers who already snapped one up, that dealer lots were picked clean of the Rabbit-based convertible purely on word of mouth alone. That's all well and good, but when you're an automaker with a new car ...

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    Chicago Auto Show: MotorWeek Drivers Choice Awards

    We must admit that we were a bit surprised that MotorWeek's award for "Best Car of the Year" went to the Honda Fit. But, we suppose that it, uh, fits. We know, that was way too easy - feel free to mock us in the comments, we can take it. Here is the complete list of winners: Best of the Year: ...

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    VW Eos flubbs USA Today review by not starting

    USA Today's James Healey really liked the new VW Eos. "... boy, was the car nice when it wasn't broken." Uh oh. Broken? In technical terms, giving a non-working car to the nation's highest-circulation newspaper is offically called a "whoopsie." Healey loved how the Eos looked, drove and operated ...

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    Popular Science lauds the VW Eos

    Volkswagen's Eos has been awarded one of the "2006 Best of What's New" prizes from Popular Science Magazine. The new stylish convertible apparently captured the fancy of the PopSci editors. And what's not to like really? A cute coupe/convertible WITH a sunroof in its hardtop? Pretty slick. But this ...

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    Pebble Beach: VW debuts EOS 'Highway 1' design study

    The Concept Lawn in front of the Lodge at Pebble Beach will feature a number of concept cars and design studies this weekend, including Volkswagen's Eos Highway 1.A creation of VW's California Design Center (the folks who brought you the late, lamented GX3 concept car. Sigh.), the Highway 1 design ...

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    Volkswagen Eos starts under $28K, rises to nearly $40K

    On Friday Volkswagen announced that the Eos, its showroom bound hardtop convertible, will be offered at a starting price of $27,990. For that price you'll get the four-seat convertible with its three-piece folding hardtop and integrated sunroof paired with the company's turbo 2.0L four-cylinder ...

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    Volkswagen strips vehicle lineup in UK

    In a bid to rationalize its vehicle lineup and control costs, Volkswagen's British outpost is taking a massive axe to its range, culling dozens of models and options from its order books. With in excess of 10,000 different build combinations and pressures to streamline their operations, VW has ...

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    VW boots up the Eos

    Volkswagen has teamed up with Microsoft for this year's CeBIT technology show to exhibit a multimedia- and communications-enhanced version of VW's new Eos. (So would we call the joint venture Volksoft? Microwagen?)Built for the "Digital Living" segment of the show, the PC-powered Eos ...


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