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volkswagen commercial

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    Official: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles opens Oldtimer division for the classic Bus

    Arguably more than any other mainstream automaker, Volkswagen is serious about its heritage. So much so that it appointed Franz-Josef Paefgen – former chief executive of Audi, Bentley and Bugatti – to head up its classics program. In this capacity, Paefgen oversees the heritage ...

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    Tiny Darth Vader brings The Force to VW's Chattanooga plant

    On Tuesday, May 24, Volkswagen officially opened its plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee that is dedicated to building the Passat. There were all sorts of potentates gathered for the occasion, from Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to current and former mayors of the city. When it ...

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    Honda wins Commercial of the Decade, but not for the ad you think [w/VIDEO]

    Honda's Commercial of the Decade: "Grrr" – Click above to watch video
    The mad men at Adweek recently voted for the Commercial of the Decade (Super Bowl commercials not included) and Honda took top honors over memorable ads from the last ten years by companies like Nike, Budweiser and Sony. ...

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    FOLLOWUP: VW's Matrix-style advertisement garners 100+ complaints

    Click above to see the VW Golf commercial
    So it's not just America that gets up in arms over commercials. Remember the Matrix-styled ad with the Volkswagen Golf designer fighting various versions of himself? It seems a number of British telly viewers think the commercial "is in breach of the ...

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    VIDEO: AutoCar Ad of the Year - Volkswagen's Singing Dog

    Click above to watch the video
    AutoCar readers have voted on the year's best car commercial, and unsurprisingly, it's not from America. Neither is AutoCar, sure, but that still doesn't quite explain why we get GM's Our Country ads and the rest of you get ninja kittens and singing dogs. We're not ...

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    VIDEO: Brooke Shields pretending VW Routan is NOT a Dodge Caravan

    Click above to watch video after the jump
    In what could very possibly be the worst auto-related commercial we have ever seen, Volkswagen has somehow convinced Brooke Shields (really Brooke, are things this bad?) to shill its new, at least to VW showrooms, Caravan Routan minivan. Apparently, what ...

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    VIDEO: Heidi Klum and her LoveBug

    So I had this dream last night where I'm hosting a television talk show and interviewing Heidi Klum. Only when I look down, I discover that I'm actually a Volkswagen. When I woke up in the morning, I realized it wasn't a dream, it was a television commercial I saw on YouTube. That's right, the ...

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    VIDEO: Xtreme shadow puppets sell the VW Phaeton

    This spot is as amazing as the fact that the Phaeton actually made it into production. Of course, its run didn't pan out (at least in the U.S.), but you have to admit the Phaeton's a hell of a car no matter the badge on the grille. This commercial is truly incredible, as well. The expressiveness, ...


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