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    Some Say He Might Be A Little Shocked: UK man gets $30,000 bill for watching Top Gear

    Will Pierce has gotten it backwards. The goal is to get paid for watching Top Gear; instead, Pierce earned himself a hefty bill for catching up on the Best. Car. Show. Ever. Pierce and his son were on a ski trip in France, where there happens to be a paucity of English-language television. To stave ...

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    VIDEO: Lewis Hamilton controls F1 car via Blackberry Storm

    Lewis Hamilton controls F1 car via Blackberry Storm - Click above to watch video
    Vodaphone is a huge mobile communications company, and it's also the primary sponsor of the McLaren Mercedes F1 team. The video after the jump shows just what their millions of dollars in sponsorship money can buy: a ...

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    Prancing Steel Horse: custom Scuderia Ferrari chopper

    There are a lot of superlatives that could be equally applied to Ferraris and to custom choppers by their respective enthusiasts, and we're not going to try to name them all. But that's probably why there have been so many efforts to blend the two, with varied results. One builder of custom ...


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