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vladimir antonov

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    Report: Spyker considers closure as Saab parent Swedish Auto loses board members

    Swedish Automobile NV ('Swan') continues to look to sell Dutch supercar manufacturer Spyker in the wake of the Saab bankruptcy. Swan said it will carry on with the sale despite the fact that the company's supervisory board has just abandoned the crippled enterprise. According to The Washington ...

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    Report: Saab working to replace EIB loan to speed Antonov takover, can't pay wages

    Keeping your staff happy is key to running a successful company. One of the main ways to do that is to pay them, which is an area in which Saab is once again experiencing a bit of trouble. Specifically, Saab cannot pay white-collar employees because committed funds have not yet been fully ...

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    Rumormill: CPP buys Zagato?

    The UK-based coachbuilder Coventry Prototype Panels (otherwise known as CPP) has been on a buying spree, recently snatching up Bowler and the exotic car arm of Spyker. Now comes word that the company – owned by Vladamir Antonov – has added another automotive company to its growing ...

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    Report: Spyker CFO steps down, Saab gets big order

    Spyker has announced that Hans Go will step down as the company's Chief Financial Officer on July 1. Automotive News reports that since the sports car manufacturer's operations are being sold to Vladimir Antonov, the Spyker group will now focus solely on Saab. Rob Schuyt is currently acting CFO ...

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    Official: Saab to restart production after six-week suspension *UPDATE

    Six weeks have passed since Saab was forced to halt production of its 9-3 and 9-5 models in Sweden due to a lack of funds needed to pay suppliers. The automaker had hoped to get production back up and running after it agreed to a deal with Chinese automaker Hawtai Motors, but that plan was ...

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    Report: Saab to celebrate Chinese and Russian partnerships with global tour

    So far in 2011, Saab has been riding a ragged roller-coaster filled with major ups and downs. Just recently, however, things have been trending more positively. Saab inked a deal with Chinese automaker Hawtai that will pump in millions of dollars, and open up major inroads to the vastly expanding ...

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    Report: Saab closing in on deal with Russian, Chinese investors

    Around the same time that Ake Jonsson stepped down as chief executive of Saab, the Swedish automaker announced its expansion into the Russian and Chinese markets – a vital move if Saab is to increase its global market share. But it's not just the cars that Saab and its parent company Spyker ...

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    Saab to resume production after securing short-term loan

    Production at Saab's Trollhättan, Sweden plant has been shut down for weeks due, as these things often are, to a lack of cash needed to pay suppliers. That should change in the next week, though, as Saab parent Spyker has announced that it has secured a convertible loan agreement with Gemini ...

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    Deja-Vu: Saab's chances of survival depend on... General Motors?

    The Saab Shutdown of 2011 grinds on, with uncertain finances threatening to silence the operation for good. Even though Spyker took on the ailing brand, former owner General Motors is still the key to Saab surviving, The New York Times reports. Saab's Trollhättan plant ground to a halt in ...

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    Report: Saab secures financing to restart production

    Are the dark clouds parting over Trollhättan? According to Saabs United, it's starting to look that way. Swedish automaker Saab has just received a green light that will allow it to borrow money from a European bank. Saab's plant is now owned by a company called Saab Automobile AB ...

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    Report: Swedish gov't. working on freeing up Saab loan

    The last few weeks haven't been easy for Saab, as the Swedish automaker has had to stop production twice due to supplier issues. Not just any problems, either, as the suppliers wanted to get paid, and Saab simply didn't have the cash. That led to widespread speculation that the automaker was ...

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    Report: Saab suffers another production stoppage as supplier woes mount

    Last week, we told you about the on-off three-day work stoppage at Saab's Trolhättan plant, which occurred due to a financial dispute with one or more suppliers. Spyker CEO Victor Muller then publicly insisted that the delay was nothing more than a "minor glitch" due to a short-term ...

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    Report: Russian investor Antonov believes Saab will miss 2011 sales target

    Russian investor Vladimir Antonov says that Saab will miss its sales target of 80,000 vehicles this year. According to Reuters, Antonov helped Spyker buy Saab last February, and is looking at taking over Spyker's sports car operations. Antonov also said that missing the sales goal would mean ...

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    Report: GM clears way for controversial Russian investor to back Saab

    General Motors still owns a hefty chunk of shares in Saab. So many shares that it was actually able to block Vladamir Antonov from being a shareholder. Mr. Antonov is the Chairman of Conversbank Financial Group, which owns a major stake in Dutch automaker Spyker, and he has expressed a desire to ...

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    Is Saab considering a Russian plant?

    Spyker's association with ex-company chairman Vladimir Antonov is what almost kept the Saab deal from happening. But after a high-profile bid to clear his name (still waiting on the report, Mr. A) and the scent of euros on the table, you didn't really think Antonov was just going to walk away, ...

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    Report: Ousted Russian investor wants in on Spyker-Saab deal

    Vladimir Antonov will soon give up the position of chairman at Spyker because he stood between the Dutch company and its successful acquisition of Saab. Recent reports indicate that a Swedish government investigation tied Antonov and his family to the Russian mafia and money laundering. Those ...

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    BREAKING: GM reaches agreement to sell Saab to Spyker!

    What a long, strange trip it's been. Every thriller must have an endgame, although whether the guy gets the girl in the end or just plain "gets it" is often in doubt right until the final frame. This afternoon, after a most improbable and tortured saga, General Motors has finally agreed to sell ...


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