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    Report: Visteon working on creepy artificial intelligence for your car's infotainment [w/video]

    Those that hanker for the days when automobiles were generally simple machines – responsive only to the will of their human masters – probably don't work in R&D at Visteon. The Michigan-based automotive supplier, with a track record in climate control and electronics manufacture, ...

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    Official: GM, Ford place in top 10 on 2012 Fortune 500 list

    If you're a blue-blooded American capitalist, there's nothing better than leading your company to the top of the Fortune 500 – except for making billions of dollars in profits, that is. But thankfully those two objectives tend to go hand-in-hand, as proven by these two men. Indeed, General ...

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    Report: Visteon CEO Stebbins hints at breakup

    As one of the world's largest suppliers of automotive parts, Visteon is a highly valuable company with hands in many areas of vehicle production. Visteon produces components for automotive interiors, climate control systems, lighting and electronics. The company is run by CEO Donald Stebbins, and ...

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    Report: Despite lengthy bankruptcy, Visteon's Stebbins earns more than any other MI-based CEO

    There were some raised eyebrows after Ford CEO Alan Mulally raked in $26.5 million in 2010, even after the company realized a healthy profit and significantly improved sales. But while Mulally got a big check for being instrumental in the company's high-profile turnaround, he wasn't even the ...

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    Report: Visteon reaches pension agreement with Ford, eyes bankruptcy exit

    Automobile parts supplier Visteon appears to be closer than ever to exiting bankruptcy after 15 long months of proceedings, with the help of the company's one-time master. The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Ford has agreed to waive $268 million in pension and retiree claims, relieving the ...

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    Report: Visteon set to emerge from 15-month long bankruptcy

    Automotive News reports that long-time Ford supplier Visteon should exit bankruptcy by October after 15 long months in reorganization. If all goes according to play, Visteon should exit Chapter 11 with less debt, more diversity of clientele and a healthier auto industry to sustain future success. ...

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    Visteon shows us its next-gen tech, a dash that can tell if you're sleeping, and an in-car Tegra 2 [w/video]

    Click above to view the videos after the jump
    News hasn't exactly been great for Visteon of late, what with getting delisted, filing for bankruptcy and attempting to end the pensions of thousands of retirees. That's the bad news. The good news? A suite of impressive prototype dashboards on ...

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    REPORT: Visteon seeking to end pensions of 21,000 workers, retirees

    Visteon, the automotive supplier currently going through bankruptcy proceedings, is seeking to rid itself of pension obligations for 21,000 current workers and retirees. It wouldn't mean the end of pensions for the workers, but the payments would be taken over by the Pension Benefit Guaranty ...

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    BREAKING: Visteon reportedly files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

    According to Automotive News, Visteon Corp. has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The Michigan-based tier-1 supplier was spun off from the Ford Motor Company back in 2000, and it has struggled ever since. The filing took place in a Delaware courtroom, where the company has listed total ...

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    REPORT: Visteon books $2M profit. Delphi makes $556M. Wait... wha?!

    When is a profit not a profit? When it's the result of bankruptcy prevention measures, like Visteon's report of a $2 million profit during the first quarter of 2009. The auto supplier is reporting that each share earned two cents during the period, compared to a $105 million loss last year. The ...

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    Visteon makes interest payment, avoids declaring bankruptcy

    Somehow, against all odds and analyst projections, auto parts supplier Visteon managed to make a $16 million interest payment on $450 million in bonds that mature in 2014. Just last week, Visteon shares hit 2 cents, forcing the New York Stock Exchange to delist the company. If the ailing supplier ...

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    Taking Stock: GM shares hit 75-year low, Visteon delisted after trading at 2 cents

    With both evidence and speculation mounting that General Motors and Tier-1 supplier Visteon Corp. have bleak futures, both companies' stock shares continue to get hammered, with GM's shares trading as low as $1.40 Friday morning and Visteon dropping from 7 cents to 2 cents on Thursday. For GM, ...

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    CES 2009: Visteon shows off dashboard of the future

    Click above for high-res image gallery of Visteon's CES 2009 display
    Visteon, a major supplier of automotive instrument panels, has a vision for future car interiors that will soon give you a different view of your dashboard.One of the most interesting ideas Visteon has developed is a ...

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    4,000 Ford workers take buyout

    During a conference call yesterday, FoMoCo's President, Mark Fields, announced that over 4,000 workers would take early retirement from the Ford-owned Visteon plant in Michigan.Employees had until last Friday to make their decision and of the 10,400 workers currently employed at the plant, ...

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    Turnaround expert: Auto parts sector is a "very, very troubled industry"

    Al Koch helped see over the revival of Kmart, so he knows a thing or two about financial difficulty - and that's exactly what he sees in the auto-part industry. Koch specially mentions decreasing production from domestic automakers as potentially causing severe trouble. While a move ...

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    Visteon turns a profit(!)

    "Restructuring, improving base operations and growing global business" were the Big Three for Visteon in first quarter, who turned a profit, despite lower revenues. Following the news, shares rose $1.14 to $7 on the New York Stock Exchange, a substantial 19 percent improvement. Net ...


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