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    Malcolm Bricklin has hydrogen visions for displaced Chrysler and GM dealerships

    Add serial entrepreneur Malcolm Bricklin to the list of people interested in getting a crack at the 2,000 or so automotive dealerships that are scheduled to be shut down by either General Motors or Chrysler in short order. Unlike most other interested parties, though, Bricklin's plan would also ...

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    Malcolm Bricklin filing a multi-billion RICO lawsuit against Chery Motors

    Back in 2004 serial automotive entrepreneur Malcolm Bricklin announced plans to collaborate with "rogue" Chinese automaker Chery Motors to bring new cars to the US market. Chery is referred to as "rogue" because the company never actually got permission from the Chinese government to get into the ...

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    Bricklin's back with Chinese-made hybrid

    You gotta love Malcolm Bricklin's tenacity. Despite his plans to import Chinese-made Cherys into the U.S., Bricklin's looking east again for his next big thing. Which is an inexpenisive hybrid.Bricklin says his company, Visionary Vehicles, is currently working to design a low-cost hybrid car that ...

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    Auto designer sues Chery, Visionary Vehicles

    Out of the Chery/Visionary Vehicles breakup/separation/whatever currently going on comes a story of one disgruntled would-be designer.Kenneth G. Grant Jr., former Ford automotive designer who worked on the last Thunderbird and other projects, filed a lawsuit Thursday claiming, among other things, ...

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    Bricklin loves Chery, but wants to see others

    The relationship between Malcolm Bricklin's Visionary Vehicles and Chinese automaker Chery seems to be changing, Autoweek reports. According to The Wall Street Journal, Bricklin wasn't satisfied with Chery's safety and quality control and will instead design his own cars. The WSJ story says ...

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    Visionary Vehicles pushes back Chery's U.S. launch

    Malcolm Bricklin's Visionary Vehicles announced Wednesday another delay in his plans to import Chinese-built cars to the U.S., this time to late 2008 or early 2009. Bricklin originally planned a U.S. launch of Chery automobiles in January 2007.Even the joint venture between Chery Automobile and ...

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    Chery to take longer to ripen than Bricklin expected

    Time to unmark your calendars. Chery, the opening salvo in what is likely to be a tidal wave of Chinese imports into the U.S., is running behind schedule. Visionary Vehicles chief Malcolm Bricklin is relenting on his bid to have cars in American dealerships by late 2007, and when the vehicles ...

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    Malcolm Bricklin 'Chery' picks ex-AIADA president for Visionary Vehicles

    Automotive mogul Malcolm Bricklin announced Wednesday that he has signed Marianne McInerney, former President of the American International Automobile Dealers Association (AIADA) to be his Executive Vice President of Dealer/Industry Relations at Visionary Vehicles. The CEO is best known for his ...


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