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viral marketing

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    Video: Toyota builds world's first 'outdoor website' for RAV4 promo

    This whole thing started with the premise that Toyota's target RAV4 buyers are people who spend their time cycling, hiking, and generally not in front of computer screens. These people are therefore not able to benefit from the full website experience that Toyota has built for the RAV4. We should ...

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    Video: Watch NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon put one over on a used car dealer... sorta

    Full Disclosure: in my younger days, I loved nothing more than tormenting passengers with my behind-the-wheel hijinks. Once, after a particularly artful handbrake turn on a two-lane at around 50 miles per hour, I left one backseat occupant crying in their own lap. This isn't necessarily something ...

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    Video: Ford tilts pinball parkers to promote Focus, Active Park Assist

    We've got to hand it to Ford of Europe – this is one of the most brilliant marketing stunts we've ever seen. Blending the correct amounts of populist outrage, mockery of the common man, hidden cameras, big budget technology, and gritty urban realism into one literal over-the-top promotion ...

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    Video: Scion puts bikini models and donuts in iQ to spin up some sales

    We're speechless. Well, maybe not... but, at the very least, we're surprised by Scion's latest marketing campaign for its iQ minicar. There are a lot of reasons to be interested in the iQ – its small size makes for easy parking, it's not terribly expensive and it's nicely fuel efficient ...

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    Official: Audi's #WantAnR8 Twitter ad campaign returns

    Audi has resurrected its Twitter campaign to put lucky fans behind the wheel of an R8 for a day. The program generated a massive amount of attention last year, spurring the company to bring it back for Round Two. It all got started when Joanne McCoy tweeted using the hashtag #WantAnR8 in early ...

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    Subaru launches 2011 Mediocrity marketing campaign [w/video]

    2011 Mediocrity – Click above to watch videos after the jump
    Looks like Subaru is giving the mid-sized sedan segment a good ribbing. The company has unleashed a new viral marketing campaign promoting the 2011 Mediocrity – a four-door that has "figured out a way to blend in more." ...

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    Gymkhana Two named one of 10 best viral ads of all time

    Ken Block's Gymkhana Two – Click above to watch the video after the break
    When it comes to Ken Block and DC Shoes' Gymkhana videos, we'd argue that the trilogy is dominated by the very first flick. It spawned countless tributes – thanks in part to the fact that the automotive internet ...

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    Land Rover puts a spin on spy shot camouflage to introduce Evoque to the world

    2011 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque says hello – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Having already introduced its new two-door Range Rover Evoque to the world, Land Rover is taking a different tack when it comes to testing its pre-production fleet. While most manufacturers stick to ...

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    Video: Volkswagen puts subway riders in the fastlane

    VW brings the fast lane to the subway – Click above to watch video after the jump
    In the manner of its Fun Theory videos from last year, Volkswagen is up to old viral hijinks again. The Fun Theory experiments were about seeing whether you could encourage people to do the right thing if you ...

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    Buff It Out: Peugeot inundates London commuters with 308 'nudists' to celebrate launch of 308 CC [w/VIDEOS]

    Peugeot's Nude in a Scarf campaign - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    In a cheeky bit of naked ambition, French automaker Peugeot inundated London's morning commuters today with a pool of 308 'nude' actors who appeared to only be wearing scarves. What was the reason for the au natural ...

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    RAZR brings phone/car integration to new heights

    Cell phones help us communicate with others at all times, but for the millions of motorists who like to gab on the phone while driving, these devices can become the kind of distraction that causes plenty of harm. In Russia, using a cell phone while driving is against the rules, so the viral ...

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    Anyone seen my keys? Check with Nissan

    At least they're not mocking men or making light of depressed robots. Nissan's latest marketing effort for the Altima has the auto company messing with patrons of entertainment venues. 200,000 sets of faux keys will be planted in clubs, bars, concert venues, and other congregation locations. The ...

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    Scion coming up on third birthday

    Scion, Toyota's "youth" division, was launched three years ago this June, and the brand has much to celebrate on its third birthday. By offering up three cars that all start off under $17,000, Scion has gone some way toward redefining the term "entry level." Given parent Toyota's ...


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