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    Report: City of Frankfurt bans Hells Angels

    The city of Frankfurt has banned two chapters of the Hells Angels motorcycle club and confiscated their assets, according to Reuters. The city pointed to a history of offenses as the reason behind the move, saying that many members are known to authorities to have violent, drug- or weapon-related ...

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    VIDEO: UK ad authority restricts "violent" VW ad after logging 1,000+ compliants

    Click above to watch VW's banned video after the jump
    Remember this Matrix-inspired VW ad that arrived just before the holidays last year? It seems the exaggerated fight scenes were too much for some viewers on the other side of the Pond. The British Advertising Standards Authority received more ...

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    Repo-related violence on the rise, expected to get worse

    Repo men working in rural Alabama attempt to take a man's car at 2:30 am. The car's owner, 67-year-old Jimmy Tanks, hears noises and steps outside with his gun. Shots are fired and Jimmy ends up dead. The tables were turned on another repo man working in Alabama, who ended up dying of a gunshot ...

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    Nano plant protests may cause Tata to reconsider

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Tato Nano Fueling speculation that the Tata protests last week may have been much more effective than originally reported, India's Tata Motors Ltd has said it will move the upcoming Tata Nano plant from its planned eastern India location if the violent ...


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