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17NHTSA launches VIN search tool for finding recalls

We've already seen more vehicles recalled this year than any year on record. General Motors alone has issued campaigns covering about 25.75 million cars in the US. Finally, with 2014 more than half gone, it appears that the rate of these announcements is finally starting to slow, but that still leaves tens of million of drivers needing to know whether their vehicle needs a safety fix. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is offering a solution with a simple new way for people to ma

496U.S. Border Patrol Crushes Illegally Imported Land Rover Defender

The government is destroying illegally imported cars

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents working to stem the tide of vehicles illegally entering the US make an example of an illegal Land Rover Defender by crushing it.

13Prosecutors opt not to prosecute Unique Performance execs

Click on the image to see VIN tampering evidence

AddSurprise! You May Be Driving an E85-Compatible Car

With the recent hype created by full-page magazine ads and rising gas prices, consumer interest is rising in flex fuel vehicles that can run equally well on either regular gasoline or the ethanol/gasoline blend dubbed E85.

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