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    Audi Tower to be unveiled at LeMans

    Not many automakers have accomplished as much as Audi at LeMans. Though it only began competing at LeMans in 1999, the automaker has achieved six overall victories from its eight starts, including the first ever win for a diesel-powered car with its R10 last year. This Saturday before the start of ...

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    At Maranello Village, the Prancing Horse follows you home

    Is it just us, or is Ferrari slowly taking its place as the Disney of the automotive world? With an ever-expanding merchandise empire, a theme park, and even placement in an animated film, the Wonderful World of Enzo just keeps on growing. Now Ferrari personnel, for their part, will never have to ...

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    UK residents set up fake camera signs to slow drivers

    In a modern twist on the old 'motorcycle cop silhouette behind billboard/tree/bush' gag, residents of Haughton, Staffordshire, U.K., have put up fake signs indicating speed cameras. 20 such signs have been placed on the A518, which runs through the center of Haugton.The Staffordshire ...


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