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    VIDEO: Sega's classic OutRun returning on XBox Live

    Sega's OutRun Online Arcade – Click above to watch video after the jump
    With many worried that government regulations will soon strangle the concept of having fun in an actual car, it's convenient that game makers are developing more ways to have fun with virtual cars. SEGA is updating that ...

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    Next GRiD? Joystiq gets hands-on with Need for Speed SHIFT

    Need for Speed SHIFT - Click above for image gallery
    Any day of the week between 10 PM and 12 AM EST, you can probably find me on Xbox Live playing GRiD (FYI... my gamer tag is simply Autoblog), and Autoblog Executive Editor Chris Paukert often jumps in for the fun as well. We love this driving ...

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    New SuperCar Challenge for PS3 under development

    Click above for high-res gallery of SuperCar Challenge screen caps
    System 3 has a follow-up title to last year's Ferrari Challenge: SuperCar Challenge. The new game will offer 40 cars to choose from, not all of which are Ferraris this team. The roster will include such cars as the Aston Martin ...

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    Study suggests driving cars in video games could lead to more purchases in real-life

    Click above for high-res image gallery of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
    When playing car racing video games, do you find yourself choosing vehicles or brands that you've owned in the past? We are definitely guilty as charged on this count, but it seems that this sort of logic works the other way too. ...

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    Need for Speed franchise splitting into trio

    Click above for a high-res gallery of screenshots from coming Need for Speed titles
    Electronic Arts, the folks who recently brought us Need for Speed: Undercover, are now working on three (possibly four) new titles in the franchise. According to EA, they're just trying to "keep the game fresh and ...

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    Carcade concept turns passenger's view into video game

    Click above to view video after the jump
    Imagine riding along in your family's car as a kid. Your hand is out the window and slicing through the air as you explore the concepts of drag and lift. As a child you might work that hand to rise and fall around the objects on the horizon, dodging ...

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    Paris 2008: The GT by Citroen. No, the whole thing this time

    Click the image above for a high-res gallery of the GTbyCitroen
    The day is here, the GTbyCitroen has got over its shyness and is ready to be seen by the world. Par for the French, the GT is funky -- and we're not even going to get into the seventh teaser for the car in which the car was completely ...

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    How you say "enough" in French: Citroen releases sixth GT teaser

    Click the image above for a high-res gallery of the GT by Citroen
    In a move more "Um, yeah..." than "Oh yeah!", Citroen has released the sixth teaser image of the car that will, one of these days, be revealed entirely to the world, all at once, front and back. We aren't even sure if this qualifies ...

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    VIDEO and new PICS: Citroen GT in stereoscopic darkness

    Click the image above to view the video
    Citroen has let slip another drip in the GT by Citroen reveal, and this time it's a video showing off the dramatic shapes of "The Drive of Your Life." Dig those mirrors, and the glasshouse swept back in monumental fashion. Whatever is pushing the car's ...

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    Hanging back: GT by Citroen rear comes up for air

    Click above for a gallery of the GT by Citroen
    It's time for your next dose of the GT by Citroen concept. To the commenter who wrote that the front of the car looks like a catfish -- well, in a victory for symmetry, the back of the car looks like a catfish, too, and a couple of other gilled sea ...

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    More intensity: 4th Citroen GT teaser image

    Click above for a gallery of GT by Citroen teaser shots
    The cloak on the GT by Citroen has been pulled back again to reveal a little more sheetmetal. Call us crazy, but we have the feeling this car is going to put the "Whoa, that's wild..." back into concept cars. This little corner shows off two ...

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    Coming to a console near you: Need for Speed: Undercover

    Click above to view video after the jumpThe trailer for Need for Speed: Undercover is out, and it is 60 straight seconds of "We want." The in-game texture looks primo and the storyline sections are a nice mix full-motion and rendered video. We have no idea what the game involves yet, so we can only ...

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    VIDEO: Audi R8 puts angels in danger in Midnight Club: LA

    Midnight Club: LA is on its way, and the developers at Rockstar Games just released a new video of an Audi R8 doing its thing through the concrete jungle. The name of the game: arcade. Or better names might be 'free-for-all' and 'pedestrians, watch out!' It's cut like an MTV video, so it's hard to ...

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    Coming to a console near you: Midnight Club: Los Angeles

    Way back in nineties, this particular blogger had to get rid of his PlayStation because he was spending far too many nights on GranTurismo. Something about knocking a tenth of a second off our best time in the Mazda Demio was as addictive as air. Last Friday we spent an hour in front of the ...

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    Drive the Lotus Evora... virtually... in the UK

    The Lotus Evora, which you can't drive on real streets yet, has already been driven in GT5. Attendees at the British Motor Show got a chance to put Lotus' latest over the kerbs, thanks to a tie-in between the folks at Hethel and those at game developer Polyphony. If you didn't attend the show, fear ...

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    Real-time virtual racing against live professionals coming soon

    Gaming systems like the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 have advanced graphics capabilities that make racing games look almost like you're doing the real thing. While today's games are everything we've ever hoped for, iOpener Media appears ready to take the next step by letting gamers actually ...

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    Gran Turismo 5 Prologue releases official track and car list, new features

    With things like cheap gas and the value of a dollar slowly being taken from us, it's good to see that somebody wants to give us something. For the US release of the Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Polyphony has thrown in features the Japanese version didn't get. There's a drift mode that judges drivers ...

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    Pole Position: Remix for your iPod

    Click above to view screenshots from Pole Position: Remix NAMCO, the video game company that brought us some of the cheesiest yet most compelling video game titles of all time, is releasing Pole Position: Remix specifically for your little iPod. This is the game's 25th anniversary year, and the new ...

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    New racing game announced from creators of DiRT

    If current driving games have left your pulse cruising in the slow lane, then Codemasters, the company behind the well-received DiRT rally game, believes it has the racing game for you: Grid. Using an evolution of the engine from DiRT, Grid is all about racing. And if you think "racing game" ...

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    Project Gotham Racing 4 - game versus reality

    Project Gotham Racing 4 has the video game version of the question, "Is it real or is it Memorex?" They've created a split-screen video of the latest Gotham racer next to actual hi-def footage of the live cars churning through the streets of New York City. When it comes to the car scenes, even ...


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