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    Report: Australian police urge motorists to stay away from Apple Maps [w/video]

    Apple Maps is the beautiful but flawed pile of poo that just keeps on steaming. Not long after it appeared in the company's latest operating system, people noticed that it had a habit of showing destinations in the wrong locations, like a museum located underwater, or refusing to show locations at ...

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    Report: Chevy Malibu dons Holden badge for Australia

    The Chevrolet Malibu will wear a Holden badge when it arrives in Australia next year, General Motors announced. Engineers have begun testing the Holden Malibu to provide it with unique suspension tuning and transmission calibrations for Australian drivers. Testing is taking place in Lang Lang, ...

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    Aussie gets second car yanked under anti-hoon laws after posting antics on Facebook

    According to The Herald Sun, since Victoria, Australia introduced anti-hoon legislation on July 1, 2006, more than ten cars a day have been confiscated from their owners. That's over 8,000 cars in three years, more than 5,000 of which the police still have. Despite those big numbers, Victorian ...

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    78-year old's Nissan Pulsar impounded after AU street race with Skyline

    A 78-year-old Australian man with a need for speed had his car impounded after being caught racing at 170 km/h (105 mph) on a winding road east of Melbourne on New Year's Day. It seems John Belfield, the senior citizen under the spotlight, is a member of a local Nissan-Datsun sports car club. The ...

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    Ford Australia boss calls it quits after job cuts

    After holding the title for just over six months, the President of Ford Australia has resigned and is moving to the United States to "fulfill a career dream." President Bill Osborne, who took the position only in February, insists his departure has nothing to do with the fact that the company just ...

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    Low-output turbo cars deemed too powerful for provisional drivers in Oz

    To reduce the number of speed-related accidents and appease the zealous pedestrian council in the Australian state of Victoria, government authorities have blindingly placed a ban on all forced-induction gasoline engines and V8s (or larger), deeming them unsafe for new and inexperienced drivers. ...


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