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    Report: Bob Lutz says Chevy Volt should've been a truck

    Bob Lutz knows a thing or two about the Chevy Volt. He was, after all, GM's vice chairman in charge of product development during the Volt's gestation process, widely credited with ushering it into production. But now he says it should have been a truck, not a sedan. Speaking with The Seattle ...

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    Official: Via Motors promises three EV debuts in Detroit

    Via Motors will descend on the 2013 Detroit Auto Show with three new full-size electric vehicles. Company spokesperson Bob Lutz will pull the sheets back on each of the extended-range EVs personally, including an 800-horsepower, four-wheel-drive pickup truck, a luxury four-wheel-drive SUV and ...

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    Video: Bob Lutz and his Volt-like truck visit Jay Leno's Garage

    Bob Lutz recently stopped by to see Jay Leno at the comedian's Big Dog Garage, and the legendary auto executive has brought along his latest project, an extended-range VTrux electric pickup by Via Motors. The creation combines a 4.3-liter V6 with an electric motor to offer around 50 miles of ...

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    Report: Bob Lutz joining EV maker VIA Motors

    Bob Lutz is apparently planning to keep busy in his retirement. In addition to snapping up an advisory role with General Motors, the former automotive executive has just announced that he is joining up with VIA Motors, an electric vehicle manufacturer responsible for converting full-size GM ...


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