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73Infamous Bugatti offshore excursion going to trial for insurance fraud [w/video]

It appears the gentleman who piloted his Bugatti Veyron into a Texas lagoon has run into a spot of legal trouble. The insurance company that paid out $2 million for the trashed exotic is calling fraud on the whole scenario, and a federal judge has decided that the claim should go before a jury. Andy House of Lufkin, Texas, originally purchased the Veyron after securing an interest-free $1 million loan from Lloyd Gillespie. Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company alleges House attempted to pay a

72Bugatti Bird-gate Followup: Driver identity revealed [*UPDATE: Now with actual crash video!]

Bugatti Veyron of Andy House from Lufkin, Texas - Click above to view video

30Aw Snap! First Bugatti Veyron to be wrecked on public roads

click above image to view both shots of the first unofficial wreck of the Veyron on public roads

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