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    First Drive: 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe

    Standing Out In A Segment Of Me-Too Crossovers This may sound strange, but bear with us – there is indeed a point to this little exercise. Okay, ready? We'd like you to close your eyes and imagine a crossover. Any modern crossover is fine. Done? Good. Recall what you saw in your mind's ...

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    Report: These cars are headed to the Great Crusher In The Sky

    It happens every year. We bid adieu to some cars and trucks that will be missed, and say good riddance to others wondering how they stayed around so long. Whether they're being killed off for slow sales or due to a new product coming along to replace them, the list of vehicles being discontinued ...

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    Report: Hyundai pondering new large crossover?

    According to a report in Ward's Auto, the pale fortunes of the soon-to-depart Hyundai Veracruz aren't stopping Hyundai from considering another dedicated seven-seat crossover. Although the new Santa Fe will usher in a long-wheelbased sibling that can seat seven, Hyundai Motor America CEO John ...

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    Official: Hyundai announces standard brake-override for all models

    Always looking for ways to one-up its Japanese competitors, Hyundai has announced that a brake override system will be standard equipment on its full line of vehicles, starting this month. Truth be told, every 2012 Hyundai model save for the Elantra Touring already had a brake override system ...

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    Confirmed: Hyundai Veracruz to end production "around November," replaced by Santa Fe

    Hyundai Motor America CEO John Krafcik confirmed Wednesday that the all-new seven passenger 2013 Santa Fe will replace the Veracruz model. "The Veracruz is going away," Krafcik told Autoblog. "It ends production around November." Hyundai debuted the Santa Fe Wednesday at the New York ...

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    New York: 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe goes on big diet, unveils five and seven-passenger models

    You might think that Hyundai has pulled a fast one at today's New York Auto Show by unveiling two different of its 2013 Santa Fe, one a two-row Sport model and the other a three-row family-minded model simply called Santa Fe. In reality, however, we've been expecting this since we first told you ...

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    Report: CEO Krafcik says to expect more family vehicles from Hyundai, not trucks

    Hyundai has been hitting on all cylinders of late, adding the Elantra Coupe and Hatchback, the Veloster Turbo and the upcoming Azera. That's a lot of new metal for one calendar year, and it appears the Korean automaker is just getting warmed up. Fox News reports that Hyundai USA CEO John Krafcik ...

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    Report: Next-Gen Hyundai Santa Fe will debut in Big Apple

    Motor Trend reports Hyundai has confirmed that its next-generation Santa Fe will bow at the 2012 New York Auto Show. The third-generation Santa Fe is expected to hit dealer lots by the end of the year as a 2013 model. Hyundai hasn't disclosed exactly what we can expect from the vehicle when it ...

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    Recalls: Hyundai recalling over 200,000 Santa Fe and Veracruz crossovers

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced a recall of over 200,000 Hyundai crossovers – specifically, 178,685 Santa Fe and 26,548 Veracruz crossovers – all from the 2007 and 2008 model years. The problem? Airbags that may not deploy in the event of an ...

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    Hyundai reportedly shopping locations for third North American plant - in Mexico [UPDATE]

    Hyundai Veracruz – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Hyundai is on a mission to expand its American market share. And so far, the going's been good for the Korean automaker, which has been taking the fight to its Japanese rivals with increasing ferocity. Now reports indicate that ...

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    New Hyundai Assurance provision locks gas at $1.49/gal for one year [w/VIDEO]

    Hyundai Assurance Gas Lock ads – Click above to watch the videos after the jump
    Hyundai is piling on additional incentives to boost its Assurance program as the industry heads into the dog days of summer. The newest promotion, Gas Lock, fixes the price of regular unleaded at $1.49 per gallon ...

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    7-seat Lexus RX on its way

    With annual sales of over 100,000 units, the Lexus RX350 is the crown jewel of Toyota's luxury marque. The CUV started the luxury crossover craze, but a recent comparison test by Motor Trend concluded that the Hyundai Veracruz was perhaps the better all-around crossover. Lexus fully intends to ...

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    Hyundai Veracruz gets the full-frontal treatment from IIHS

    And you've gotta know Hyundai is thrilled with that line of nothing but green Gs its full-size SUV scored. IIHS said crash results indicated, "... a low risk of any significant injuries in a crash of this severity." Which, we would all agree, is a good thing.This shouldn't be a big surprise, ...

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    IIHS gives SantaFe Top Pick status

    Hyundai has been on a mission to turn their fortunes around with hard work, smart engineering and a dogged determination to improve. The 2007 Santa Fe has just gone from the dubious rating of "poor" to a trifecta of "good" in front, side, and rear collisions by the IIHS. The '07 Santa Fe owes its ...

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    Hyundai bringing diesel mill to the U.S. by 2010

    Hyundai already offers a diesel engine in its Veracruz crossover abroad, but like many other would-be U.S-bound oil burners, it doesn't meet the emissions standards of all 50 states. That's said to change, when Hyundai overcomes those hurdles and releases their three-liter V6 diesel in the U.S. in ...

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    Autoblog First Drive: 2007 Hyundai Veracruz

    Click on the Veracruz for a high-res gallery from our first drive Back in January at the Detroit Auto Show, Hyundai finally peeled the camo off its newest product, the Veracruz. The Veracruz is aimed right at the heart of the increasingly popular mid-sized crossover segment that includes such ...

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    Hyundai prices Veracruz from $26,305

    The entry price for the Hyundai Veracruz has been set at $26,305* for a GLS, which is no vinyl-seated, three-on-the-tree stripper. For just over 25 grand, you get Hyundai's grunty 3.8 liter V6, standard ESC and ABS, a nifty stereo system, and alloy rims to name but some of the standard bag of ...

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    Detroit Auto Show: 2007 Hyundai Veracruz

    Click on the image above to view our hi-resolution gallery of 34 images Seems like Korean carmaker Hyundai likes nothing more than chasing after its Japanese rivals Honda and Toyota, and to that effect have launched their latest assault on the Pilot and Highlander with the new Veracruz crossover ...

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    Hyundai Veracruz official video surfaces

    The fellas over at CarScoop managed to get their hands on an official video of the Veracruz, Hyundai's new large CUV that has technically yet to debut. Yesterday a brochure leaked onto the web pretty much erased Hyundai's element of surprise, and now the video here shows us what the Veracruz ...

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    Hyundai Veracuz pics leak onto web

    Shots of the once shrouded Hyundai Veracruz have leaked onto the internet. The face we saw hiding under all that covering looks pretty much like we expected, though we're fast becoming of the mind that if you've seen one SUV-shaped CUV, you've seen them all. The Veracruz will benefit from a ...


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