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15Can the Dutch build a decent supercar? Watch this video to find out

It took a little while before the Vencer Sarthe went from early computer models to its real-life debut last year. But the company didn't stop there, reworking the design even further before the first units were actually completed. With the Dutch supercar finally actually in production, it's time to find out if the mid-engine coupe lives up to the wait, and Autocar is putting the Sarthe to the test.

10Vencer Sarthe supercar emerges out of The Netherlands

Plans change, and hopefully as an idea evolves along the way, it gets even better by the end. That mantra appears to be the case with the Vencer Sarthe supercar that is finally heading into production for the 2015 model year. It has had some significant changes over its two years of development.

21220-mph Vencer Sarthe supercar to be revealed at Salon Prive

The last time we heard about Dutch supercar upstart Vencer was a little more than a year ago when it announced it would call its one offering Sarthe. Vencer says the Sarthe will be officially unveiled to the UK in early September at London's Salon Privé.

19Vencer Sarthe joins the ranks of supercar upstarts

How can the market support so many generic, derivative supercars? It's a simple matter of having the financial wherewithal and the motivation. And it seems like everyone and their cousin wants to start their own supercar company these days.

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