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    Report: How new car shortages may impact your buying experience

    If you want further proof that the auto industry is bouncing back, look no further than the empty lots and forecourts of your local dealership. According to a story by The Wall Street Journal, continued high demand for mainstream cars is overtaxing automakers' ability to produce enough models. ...

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    Report: Robust pickup, sedan sales expected to power 2013 sales gains

    We're only a month into the 2013 calendar year, but with January's strong sales continuing the momentum from 2012, some are already predicting that this year will be the best sales year since start of the recession. According to Automotive News, the two main vehicle segments expected to drive ...

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    Report: Analysts predicting up to 14M auto sales in 2012

    Automotive industry analysts are projecting a better sales year in 2012. According to Automotive News, a number of culminating factors could see sales of up to 14 million units next year. That's thanks to factors like decreasing unemployment, improved credit availability and a larger portion of ...

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    Report: Chery to (finally) invade Europe after 2015

    Chinese automakers have had a heck of a time trying to crack the crowded European vehicle market, but Chery is hoping to change that in a few years. Automotive News reports that Chery is hoping to take up shop in Europe sometime after 2015. Chery Deputy General Manager Lu Jianhui reportedly ...

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    Summer Sales Boom: J.D. Power predicts August sales will jump to 1.1 million units

    2009 has been a sales disaster for the automotive world, as industry figures have dropped to the lowest levels in three decades. Cash for Clunkers has been a boon for the otherwise poor year, though, as hundreds of thousands of Americans have traded in their old cars for new, more fuel efficient ...

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    GM first to sell a million cars in China in one year

    GM is in a market share dogfight here in the States, but in emerging markets like China, the General is quickly gaining a strong foothold. Rick Wagoner and company are progressing so splendidly in the world's fastest-growing market that the automaker became the first manufacturer to sell one ...

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    Jeep Compass comes in below projections

    The Chrysler Group has gotten tons of PR mileage out of the popularity of the Dodge Caliber, to the point where dealers haven't been able to keep them in stock and consumers have to beg for a test drive (new Calibers net more profit than demos, after all). Unfortunately for the automaker, the ...

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    GM expects 2006 to be a solid year

    While crosstown rival Ford Motor struggles to find its Way Forward, General Motors seems to be making solid progress with its North American recovery program, with General Motors vice president Brent Dewar reporting that the company is on track to sell 3 million vehicles in the U.S. this year, ...


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